Formula 1 in Belgium: the victim of L. Hamilton won the race marked by a major accident

Although Saturday Waltham and K. Raikkonen (drivers of Ferrari) fought pole position for a long time, Lewis Hamilton finally wiped his nose. This is a beautiful red flute that surpassed the first half of the season, but after a long break, Mercedes regained her leadership again. It was particularly painful for W. Vettel, the winner in Germany, to jump on the rails during the rain. That is why the ambitions of both leaders – Sebastian and Lewis – are enormous.

Pilots scored points against the Belgian GP

Pilots scored points against the Belgian GP

Incidentally, the disappointment at the end of Kim's qualification dropped to sixth, because team members forgot to add enough fuel to a fast wheel. That is why you had to add an extra. Before him – Force India pilots E.Okon and R. Grosjane, perfect completion of Saturday's qualifying.

Indeed, Walter Bott started last Sunday because he got a fine because of the excessive change in the power plant. It is slightly easier for Ferrari.

Race progress

Average, soft and super soft – There are three tire mixtures for these races. In total, the riders will make 44 laps.

1/44 wheels. The great start of S.Vettel, he is the first to fight. Meanwhile, Alonso suffers a major accident: at least 4 cars are confronted with a Scaotic start.

Daniel Ricciardo also encountered a collision with K. Raikkonen at the time of the loss of the wing. Together with F. Alonso and D. Ricciardo, Ch. Leclerc and N. Hulkenberg.

There are many wrecks on the job. Drivers then drive in the following order: Vettel, Hamilton, Perez, Ocone, Verstapenas, Grosjeanu, Magnussen, Gasly, Ericsson, Sirotkin.

4/44. A little miracle. Red Bull mechanic has the Ricciardo car ahead of him. He returned to the job.

10/44. V.Bottas certainly copies. He's already twelve. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) also enjoys the race – he is already third behind the two pilots of Force India.

Almost all top ten driving with red, super-soft tires.

But there is a disaster with Kim Raikkonen – he left the race! Reportedly, the CRS is damaged during the first crash, it does not switch off.

S. Vettel and L. Hamilton still drive at identical speeds. They spend more than 3.5 seconds.

19/44. S.Vettel and L.Hamilton assign 3.3 seconds. And V.Bottas, starting from the 17th position, is already running eighth.

20/44. Situation in the middle of the race. I wonder when the teams will change the tires? Lewis & # 39; red supersoft has already covered 22 wheels.

22/44. L. Hamilton replaces the tires, returns to the track in third position with a yellow soft softening. Force India replaces tires. That is what V.Bottas was – the fifth.

S.Vettle travels quickly – 1min. 46,644 sec

25/44. Ferrari has informed S.Vettel that L. Hamilton is saving. V.Bottas is still upside down with the tires that hit the first wave after a major accident. He can get rid of super-soft red bands for Pagl rules. But is it possible? Barely.

30/44. From the racecourse and Daniel Ricciardo. The car accident initially accused a major accident.

The band changes and V.Bottas change. Choose a soft yellow. From the fourth position falls to the sixth.

S. Vettl increased the distance from L. Hamilton to 5.2 seconds.

33/44. 1 minute 46.386 seconds, this is the time of the tire change of V.Botto. Great time, again all chances to catch Perez and get fourth place. Great Finnish performance.

40/44. The most interesting fight is between V.Botto and Perez. Mexican leads only a second. Finnish craftsmanship and a new engine ensure that V.Bottui returns to the fourth position.

44/44. Fifth Sebastian Vettel wins on the Belgian Spa Route! After the German battalion had chosen the tactics of two stops, it surpassed 11,501 seconds. The third ended with Max Verstappen.

After the finish, Lewis Hamilton congratulated his rival Sebastien Vettel and praised him for a good start when the German surpassed the pole-oriented British in number.

Thanks to all readers who have followed the race with 15min / Gaza. Let's get acquainted with the Monza route next week!

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