Impressive support: the training of Limoges – thousands of supporters / news

The legendary French club from Limoges received an influx of incredible supporters through open club training.

More than 2,500 enthusiasts gathered at the Palais des Sports de Beaublanc Arena yesterday, where home games are played by their supported CSP team.

The fans were warm supporters of the Limoges rivals who were preparing for the upcoming season and at the end of the training they shouted at the end of the training and shouted at the club's scandals.

A few years ago, the Limoges Club last season played in the Euroleague the fourth place in the French championship. He will play in the European Cup next season.

The brightest star of this club should be Samard Samuels, who had driven in Barcelona in the second half of last season in the upcoming season.

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