Jasikevičius quoted in foreign media: boys at the university do not understand what Donchits can do

Rabbits in Europe and Euro Donor MVP and champion L. Doncius this summer were selected on the 5th call of the NBA Newcomer and moved to the Mavericks of Dallas of Real Real Madrid.

Despite impressive achievements in Europe, the talented 19th year of the Atlantic has gained a lot of skepticism and was overwhelmingly mentioned by other shareholders. Sat. Jasikevičius said that skeptics did not know what they were talking about.

During an interview with the Slovenian media, the Žalgiris strategist praised the diamond of this country's basketball and compared it with the legendary Croatian basketball player Drazen Petrovich.

"In part, Luke and Dragon are similar players, Luca is higher, but Dragens was the best medieval, with similar characteristics: the ability to easily collect points and carry out productive transfers." It will be interesting to see how Lukai will be for the Atlantic.

Vulcan has everything you need for a great player. It is hard to believe how well Luca reads the game at that young age. This is unrealistic. He sees things that can not be seen or taught by a 30-year-old basketball player. Vulcan learns everything naturally.

No colleague player could do what Luca did in the Euroleague. Of course he helped him last year with the fact that he had played three seasons at a high level, so Luca adapted to such a level. I know what I'm talking about, because I played both on the NCAA and in the Euro League.

Euroleague is a very capable tournament that requires great efforts. It is what Luca achieved when he played in such a big club at an extremely young age and incredibly in such a capable tournament. He played in a very strong team and led her to the triumph.

Those guys at the university do not know what they are talking about. They do not understand what L. Doncius can do, "said Š. Jasikevičius, whose words have already been quoted by a group of media from different countries.

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