Kedainiai – sprint of the night car

The idea of ​​one of the three Kedainiai RuN slalom sprint speeds at midnight was blessed with the success of the sports car enthusiasts of the Kaunas Technical College KTK Racing division and the "Autoraliai" clubs, where men do not once dreamed of.

No less than 103 racers arrived in the free economic zone of Kedainiai streets.

As soon as the Mars began in the dark as the course progressed, the last slippery rides slowed until the new morning by the ambulance of the slalom sprint. Exceeded expectations, and this match watched about 300 supporters until the award ceremony.

"Thanks to God we were pretty far-sighted, so right now, not even boys, but only their friends, the guests of our event had something to do in the breaks between the athlete's attractions: on a big screen you could watch a night movie listen to live music, admire the spectacular fire show and fakyr "says Povilas Bonkevičius, member of the KTK Racing division. – The night race, despite a large number of starters, has succeeded perfectly. The only thing that was a bit embarrassed are the tracks of the gangster path on six cars after they "kissed" the rows of compressed straw bales or curbs on the track.

Maximizing the use of the four -Technical, Watershed, Warehouse and Progress-Street sections-formed the route was almost identical to that in which it was run in May, so after a move after the judge's car and a single independent " reconnaissance "journey, three slow-moving runs in the dark did not delay the daily speeds. Probably this has led the leaders to use extra lighting (a special price for the most beautiful "electrification" of the car was obtained by Agnė Martušauskaitė) and good grip with asphalt of excellent quality. After crossing the curves of different sharpness and jumping to the speed zone in straights, the athletes who controlled even the weakest cars ran to 120 km / h.

After completing the results of all journeys, the Kedainiai RuN 2/3 speed-slalom sprint exams were best kept by freelance players, Jordanas Kubilius, Gytis Stalerūnas and Vaidas Miščikas. The result of the first three legs of the first two men was a total of fourteen tenths of a second.

In SG-1, Aurimas Margevičius defeated convincing victory over Laurynas Navickas and Darius Gutauskas. In the SG-2 class almost identical results – 03: 26.830 and 03: 26.852 – were captured by Darius Jakštonis and Andrius Puidokas. Third winner Vilmantas Frolovas was behind the leaders in just over 6 seconds. In the "SG-3" class, Gytis Stalerūnas again won the prize for the "Free" class on the erosion floor. Here was his defeat for the second remaining Vaidas Miščikas a bit longer than 4 seconds. Third place went to Mantova Bytautas. In the SG-4 class, the old rallywolf Ričardas Baubinas triumphed triumphantly, past Jordan Jordi Kubil in a second and Alex Adikul in third place.

Agnė Mažeikienė is ahead of the "Dame" class and has surpassed the experienced rival Evelin Drilingiene and Kristina Kučinskaitė. In the "Youth" class only three boys competed again. Noah Pranyul, who triumphed in the first phase, was the third time this time. He was translated from the throne by Karolis Kupriunas and won all three lanes. The second was Paul Stern.

The winners of the Kedainiai RuN Speed ​​Slalom Sprint Series will be unveiled in October. The organizers promise that, although the third round will be at night, the course will be adjusted so that the best results are "received" here, the drivers who can adapt to changing circumstances as quickly as possible.

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