L. Odomov discovered that he was dead with death: 12 strokes and at least 6 heart attacks

Former NBA player Lamar Odom, who had never been in the lurch due to death in recent years, admitted thanking God that he was still walking on this land.

The former athlete had serious problems with drug and alcohol abuse.

According to the basketball player, the doctors themselves are surprised that he managed to escape when he got into a coma.

"All doctors who supervise me say that I am running a miracle", describes the condition of his athlete so briefly.

According to former Los Angeles Lakers stars, his body had to withstand extremely difficult challenges, with a feeling of an uncomfortable sense of perceived number of strokes or heart attacks.

"I experienced lighter or heavier 12 strokes, as well as 6 heart attacks, and everything happened when I was in a coma," said the former basketball player about the seriousness of the situation.

Although the former NBA player should now think more about his state of health, even a few rehabilitations passed by L. Odom, currently 38 years old, are still considering running on a basketball court and going to the Chinese market. to watch.

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