Legend of Juan Carlos Navarro – Grunge bombing and three-point rain NBA

2006 year. Eurolyga

Twelve years ago, Kaune, Juan Carlos Navarro, played his career at Eurolyg.

Barcelona then celebrated a victory at 86:85 and left Spain with 32 points. It remained his most successful career match at Eurolyg.

VIDEO: Monday Memories: Juan Carlos Navarro, FC Barcelona

2006. World Championship

Greece subjected the United States to the semi-finals and met Spain with finals. Spaniards Pau Gasolou went to the decisive battle without a semi-final injury.

J.C. Navarro scored 20 points and achieved a Spanish victory at 70:47. Spain became world champion.

VIDEO: World Championship Final

2007. NBA

After 10 years in Barcelona, ​​J.C.Navarro decided to test himself at the NBA and went to P.A.Gasol at Memphis.

In the match with the New Orleans Hornets, the Spaniard came out of the bench and scored 28 points, accounting for eight out of every three out of nine. Admittedly, the victory after the expansion of the 120: 118 party rivals.

VIDEO: Juan Carlos Navarro made 8/9 three against New Orleans

2008. NBA

J.C.Navarro has shown that he can play against LeBron James. In the match with Cavaliers, he scored 26 points and made four consecutive releases.

The Cleveland team again celebrated victory after an 132: 12 expansion.

VIDEO: Juan Carlos Navarro


Los Angeles Lakers to Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant visited the Barcelona team and celebrated the victory of 108: 104.

Kobe Bryant then scored 28 runs, but JCNavarro even scored 34 runs in the Lakers basket.

VIDEO: Juan Carlos Navarro 34 points vs. Lakers (10.18.2008) Pre-season

Year of 2010. Euroleague final

JCNavarro had already won the Euroleague in 2003 with Barcelona, ​​but earned only five points in the final.

He was the leader of the team in Paris for Olympiakos, earned 21 points, yielded 5 goals and performed three goals transfers. Barcelona has triumphed at 86:68, while Spain has become the final quartet MVP.

VIDEO: Final Four Classic, 2010: Regal FC Barcelona-Olympiacos Piraeus

2011. The European Championship Semifinals

Macedonia became the champion's detention and reached the semi-finals, but J.C.Navarro interrupted the Macedonian story.

Spaniard scored 35 points and helped the Spaniards win 92:80. This is the most successful match for J.C. Navarro in the Spanish team.

VIDEO: Navarro vs. Macedonia 35 points – Eurobasket 2011 semis

2011. Final of the European Championship

Final Spain met with France. J.C. Navarro brought the Spaniards to victory at 98:85. He scored 27 points and made 5 performances and won the MVP Award.

VIDEO: Navarro vs. Francia 27pts 3tri 5asi – Eurobasket Final

2012. Spanish Championship

The best Catalan leader of Real Madrid played in the Spanish League on December 30

. He even scored 44 points and earned 33 points (5/5 points), where he scored only one sensation. He also recovered 5 goals and made three successful transfers. Barcelona won 96:89.

VIDEO: Juan Carlos Navarro 33 points vs. Real Madrid 12/12/12 – FCB 96 / RM 89

2017. Euroleague

Juan Carlos Navarro became the first player in the Eurolyg with 4000 points.

Historical points fell in the match with Fenerbahçe in Istanbul.

Spain ended the career as Eurolyga's leader on points (4152), played matches (341), three-point hit (623) and performance rating (3890). He is the third to the proven guilty (1203) and hits the penalty (853). The sixth on the balls taken (249) and the ninth on the successive transfers (834).

VIDEO: Juan Carlos Navarro hits his 4000th Euroleague points against Fenerbahce

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