"Pieno Žvaigždės" took the victory of the first season after a drama in Siauliai

Pasvalys "Pieno žvaigždžių" (1/2) team won the first victory in the Lithuanian basketball championship (Betsafe-LKL), as guests 81:79 (31:19, 19:24, 8:19, 23:17) broke "Šiauliai" (0/2).

The main break in the game took place during the third quarter. "Šiauliai" made a draw at 19: 0, when it forced almost seven minutes to destroy the points of starvation, and so went 62:52.

Ivar Žviguras, Tomas Galeckas and Emmanuelis Omogab hit the scoring pitches and the latter finally returned the lead to "Milk Stars" – 71:70.

After swapping the exact attacks, Evaldas Šaulys compared the score 48 seconds (76:76), but T. Galeckas hit an important three point – 79:76. In the last 15 seconds, the teams exchanged fines for throwing money: Kristupas Žemaitis hit one and Tomas Lekūnas two. Ignas Vaitkus hit the last second in a lightning strike and the Pasvalis team just had to miss the ball.

Previously, the Pasvalys team, led by legionaries, advanced in the first quarter, and several precise long-range attacks in turn yielded a double-digit advantage: 28:18.

The guest team seemed to have more confidence and guarded the advantage for a long break all the time, so "Šiauliai" had to look for ways to break the result during a long break.

The Pasvalys team had several wizards: E. Ombobo scored 15 points and rebounded 5 balls, after 13 points added Vytautas Šulskis, Lance Jeteras (5/5 dvit.) And T. Lekunas (8 rebounds), 11-T. Galecas .

I. Šuuliams collected a duplicate duplicate by I. Vaitkus (14 points, 12 hours, 7 hours), 12 points were won by Benas Griciūnas, 9 – Christianas Terrellas, 8 – K. ememaitis (6 pp.) And E.Zaulys.

Another match will be played by the Pasvalys team on 3 October in Utena against the local Juventus team. Šiauliai accepts Skycop Prienai at home on the same day.

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