Reminder of Cossack domination in Langford in Russia: "What competition can we speak?" / News



  • Langford remembered the budget of the CSKA and assured that the VTB lacked intrigue
  • The Americans still call the United Nations the second best national championship in Europe
  • This year Langford plays in Greece

Keith Langford, who is in Greece this season, has spent the last few years in Russia and is well aware of the Unity League's ability.

This time, when communicating with the media in this country, an American veteran who has bitten Russians, it seems that this championship does not contain many intrigues.

"I will say plainly, but the CSKA needs rivals CSKA has 50 million The second richest team, & # 39; Chimki & # 39 ;, has only half of it.What competition can we still talk? Spain is Barcelona , Real, Baskonia, Gran Canaria and Unicaja, they have similar financial capabilities and are ready to beat each other in every game, "says Langford.

Admittedly, the same American athlete also added the idea that the VTB League is the second best national championship in Europe, leading only to the Spanish championship.

"Every season that played here, I felt I had improved, clubs in this championship are leading European tournaments," said Langford.

This year he plays in Greece, where he will defend the colors of the Panathinaikos of Athens.

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