Runners Rampage "Under the Night Run"

The summer in Kaunas was accompanied by noise – a rage of runners with light and retro-reflections was probably the best night turnout for summer & # 39; Night Run Run 2018 & # 39;

The participants were traditionally 4 km and 8 km away, but the result was certainly not the main goal.

"It's more of a party than a race, music sounds, lasers shoot, flashes of light, participants prepare a reflective outfit or luminous accessories, we try to arrange other animations," says Regimantas Tarasevičius, head of the event the Kaunas Marathon Club organizes.

Among the smallest participants was the most popular entertainment this year Reflections Workshops & # 39 ;, which were donated by Kaunas police agents together with SDG. The Azartsevs had picked up a relay race prepared by the Lithuanian army, where, after picking up a sleeping bag, it was necessary to load a backpack, put on a helmet, pick up a pistol, and carry all ammunition. to see the grenades exactly.

After experimenting with different animations, participants were given the opportunity to stir their joints in the concert and warm-up exercises of rapper MEANDI. By the way, 4 km of training was done by the famous sprinter Eva Misiūnaitė.

There was really no shortage of famous flywheels. Some went to the starting line, others came to support friends. After the maternity leave, the returning ambassadors of the event, twin sister Monika and Milda Vilčinskaitė returned to the elite of the elite.

"Last year we came to the stomach, this time with the children," laughed Monika Vilčinskaitė-Bytautienė. – I like this night run, the same two that I have run. It is really fun, really a party. During the darkness the sensations are sharpening – it seems like you are running very fast, just like forces. Another atmosphere, which runs at night, is really more fun. "

Most participants have noticed a special atmosphere. Robertas Vališauskas, who has become a 4 km winner, said that it seems like it would be faster at night to run faster than just the start season of the season. According to the champion, just do not see what is going on, the picture changes very quickly.

Vytautė Pabiržytė, winner of the 4 km winner, also said: "I am taking part in this race for the first time – very simple, smooth race without bumps – it is good running, fun, in the dark there is a different feeling Dark, but light, light, calm running, faina. & # 39;

The runners on the 8 km course were already on fire. They had four wheels on the driveways of the shopping center in Urmu. The fastest this year was Lukas Budavičius, who tried to become the "Night Run Run" champion for the third time.

"I was not the first, I took second place and it is a great pleasure that I finally managed to win this title," said Lukas, who also won a gold medal this year. – I am glad that there were strong competitors with whom I was packaged. And that's a good start, the weather is good, everything is very nice. "

The first 8 km distance between the women was Laura Dapkuvienė, who hardly smelled after the finish, and said that he did not even dream of being the first – it was a complete surprise for the rider.

After the end of all parties, the party lasted. By awarding the winners, the musicians of the rhythms of the brightest and most amusing runners did not serve until midnight.

4 km


1. Vališauskas Robert – 13: 12.8

2. Purone Tita – 13: 30.7

3. Skin Aurimas – 13: 33.2


1. Pabiržytė Vytautė – 15: 02.2

2. Squash Eagle – 15: 24.1

3. Jovaišaitė Monika – 17: 10.9



1. Budavičius Luke – 27: 34.7

2. Krivickas Gytis – 27: 50.6

3. Dulius Dominykas – 28: 48.3


1. Dapkuvienė Laura – 35: 50.9

2. Kisieliute Aurelija – 35: 56.4

3. Galimovienė Eglė – 37: 52.8

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