Š.Jasikevičius collected the "Zalgiris" in the first training session: "Summer is running very fast"

"Summer is always fast." There was time for both relaxation and club activities. Up to now, it has been difficult to comment because players have individually trained trainers for physical training. Must work every day and not stop improving. Now we will pay more attention to physical fitness, and during which 4-5 days we will go to work in the gym, "- Š.asikevičius shared the peculiarities of the training process.

The strategist did not doubt the professionalism of the newcomers of Zalgiris and revealed that the Lithuanian Champions' Club is still actively looking for a promotion frontman.

"The newcomers have left a good impression and I have no doubt that they will quickly join our team and the locker room I believe there will be a pleasure to work with them – the first coach made the first impression of the newcomers and commented on the situation with the search for another player – We look at the market, we try to respond We have seen some players, but I do not think there will be anything new in the near future If only the right option appears, we try to lure him to Kaunas. & # 39;

In the first training the young Zalgirians, Matas Jogelas, Arnas Velička and Rokas Jokubaitis will grow up, but the fate of their team will become clear later on.

"It is very difficult to say, everything will become clear when we start training in the basketball hall when we start emulating," said Š.Jasikevičius, a talent-shorter.

VIDEO: Š.Jasikevičius: "I believe that the newcomers will quickly join our team"

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