Sweden has rejected 4 million US Dollar offer from NBA / News

Photo: Spoetnik – Scanpix

Photo. Sputnik – Scanpix

  • Alexey Svedan received 4 NBA teams in the summer
  • Two teams offered contracts with a minimum value, and one club offered 4 million. Salary of the US dollar
  • Sweden pays a double salary to the NBA
  • Rhino's contract with Chimki runs until 2020, but he will be able to go to the NBA next summer.

Aleksey Svedsk received solid offers from the NBA this summer, but had only returned to the Atlantic after seeing a double profitable contract.

According to the Chimki star agent Obrad Fimič from Moscow, four NBA teams were offered to the basketball player: New Orleans Pelicans, Minnesota Timberwolves, Memphis Grizzlies and Fyniks Suns.

Fimičius said that Sweden wanted to sign a contract for one season, while the most profitable bid was 4 million. US dollars. For the Atletion, two teams offered a minimum value contract, but Sweden did not pay attention to this.

"NBA team leaders need to understand that Sweden does not have to prove anything, has proven its ability for three years by playing the NBA, scoring 15 points in New York and receiving an invitation to play in the All Star in the newcomers and midfielders of the weekend.

The amount of the Swedish contract must be twice as high as the proposed amount. He has a contract with Chimki and the season 2019-2020, but next summer we will discuss NBA proposals even more, "said Iz.ru.

Athletic contract with Chimki is valid until 2020. One of the most expensive European basketball players in the Chimki team competes since 2015 when he returned from the NBA.

The 29-year-old athlete won the Alfonso Ford Award last season – he scored an average of 21.8 points in Eurolyg and was unbeatable.

The basketball player also played 2.6 balls in 32 minutes, delivered 5.2 after a successful transfer, took 1.3 balls and collected a score of 20.4.

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