The future of Sarunas Marčiulionis: ESPN scouts look to NBA prospect

"Augustas Marčiulionis, the son of a former prominent NBA player and legend of Lithuanian basketball, proved that he was the best organizer of the attacks during the tournament despite the problems of attacking the basket, he hit 38.2 percent. colon and 11.1 percent three hundred points But the student-in-the-morning program is impressive in the game and has an incredible playing feel, is a very creative basketball player and makes timely transfers, "ESPN journalist Mike Schmitz praised for the sixteen year.

He described the most powerful players in the divisions of the European Championships A and B. At the publication of ESPN from Lithuania, only the name A.Marčiulionis was mentioned.

Adding the statistics on the average of 40 minutes, Šarys Marčiulionis performed the most productive transfers during the tournament – vid. 10.2.

Photo by FIBA ​​/ Augusts Marčiulionis

Photo by FIBA ​​/ Augusts Marčiulionis

ESPN drew attention to Lithuanian physical characteristics: huge legs, strong legs and enormous steps that allow him to move incredibly one line.

The Americans gave the impression of A. Marciulionis's ability to change the pace of the game, change the direction of the game or avoid barriers. Granted, ESPN notes that A. Marciulionis should complete the attacks better.

In addition to the skills we are attacking, ESPN is still in the defense of A.Marciulionis, who was especially strengthened by his well-formed body and long limbs, who can help opponents to prevent ballons.

"If Marciulionis grows up to 196 cm, what was his father, he has a chance to become a player with NBA prospects, only if he strengthens his pitch, which improves on average, but still does not hold on to a three-point zone", ESPN decides.

Photo by FIBA ​​/ Šarūnas Marčiulionis

Photo by FIBA ​​/ Šarūnas Marčiulionis

In the European championship of the 16th championship, in which Lithuania became the seventh, Marciulionis got 22 minutes after midnight. 5.9 points, reflects back and takes 2.9 points and achieves 5.7 effective scores.

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