The Los Angeles police have released a video of Honeycut / News

Photo: Lukoševičius

Photo. Lukoševičius

After almost a month and a half in silence, the Los Angeles Police Department released a video of a gunfight in which a famous basketball player, Tyler Honeycut, was killed.

In the shattered material you can hear how the mother of Honeycutt had called the police, who started to behave in an inappropriate way, to hurt her. She said that her son had not slept or eaten for a few days and saw hallucinations.

Police officers arrived after they found Honeycutt at home. The athlete tried to reach an agreement, but this soon sacked officers who later reacted with fire.

After a while, police officers decided to storm the house and go inside. At that time they were still convinced that Honeycut was still alive. Still inside, the police officers found the Americans sweetheart.

The video can shock:

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