The most striking Pangasas hit a crucial time, and Barcelona has failed / News


  • Badalona landed "Joventut" in the first season competition "Barcelona" 62:65
  • Kevin Pangas made his debut with 10 points and according to his performance only Roland Schmitz, who scored 10 points
  • Former Zalgiris did not miss the last minute of the game and took a penalty of two

Former Zalgiris Kevin Pangas Debut in Barcelona, ​​but Catalan in a friendly match 62:65 The crews of Badalona Joventut have descended.

The Canadian scored 10 points in his first game, but it was enough to become one of the most successful Catalan basketball players. Roland Schmitt added the same points.

At the last minute of the game, Barca was back 61:64 and Pangas had a big chance to equal the score, but was completely free to miss the far throw of the field and did not use the opportunity.

Still, in the same attack, the Catalans shot the ball, and the former Zalgiris stepped into the throat line of punishment, but hit only one fine of two (62:64).

"Barcelonos" opportunities are buried by Chris Singletton. The newcomer of the team struggled more aggressively with the help of the game, but the referee did not seem to start his incident.

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