the only legionaries who reach the LKL level, the attack of the tragic team and a shameful defeat

On Sunday, the Vilnius "Ryto" (3/0) team played a strong role in the LKL championship at 20-0 and at home 95:66 (24:13, 25:14, 25:16, 21:23) left no hope for the Skycop (1/2) for the basketball players.

After the game Skycop-trainer Virginijus Šeškus spoke of a bad team attack, a legionary game and a shameful defeat.

"The match was very bad, there are always good and bad matches, but today we did not surpass what we had agreed on." Morning "defended very easily, so our big ball came in, and the start was not successful, as Darius scored a good throw from the basket They were in danger and we did not use them There was no ball in the ball and the biggest stone was in the garden of our players You do not want to criticize your own spectators, but this is not the case if the player does not score a ball within eight seconds You can lose 30 points, but you have to play in such a way that other people would say they were not just thrown away, but today it was just a disgrace when the & # 39; Morning & # 39; was sometimes attacked and we had no defense.

However, I think we have reached our minimum goal during these three games, we won one game and now we are waiting for those other matches that show what we are worth. I think that in the season there will be a need for change, as only one Michael Bruesewitz gets the LKL level from the legionaries.

– How do you rate the game Austin Arian and did not you think it would be better if you stayed in the LiAngel Ball?

– We formed that team without all the main sponsors. Different contracts were signed with the arrival of new sponsors. If we knew it, there would be more Lithuanians, but it is necessary to endure and try to do something.

It is not obvious that something is wrong, but there is no such effort. Arnis Labuckas was surprised today and we really need such players to help with the bank. I think we will have to decide and we will do better as soon as possible. I'm lucky all the time at the end of the game, but then it's a shame. Not that time and you will have to do something.

– The second consecutive game is not the best in the attacking basket. What happened?

– Prienai lost 20 points or so, but we always dropped those points. Now we are rolling. Only by team can we gain an advantage and one against one is not strong. There were good moments, but this ball did not run at all, and without the players writing, the basketball players "Morning" are stronger.

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