The winners of the Rally "Around Lithuania" defend the title with three titles

Will this year enjoy the Dalia Grybauskaitė Cup of the president, will be announced on September 8, when the participants in the 1090 km long rally will finish in three days in Vilnius, S. Daukanto Square.

Registration for participants and participants. Until now, all his formalities have been cleared by 81 crew members.

"Although the list of participants is not yet definitive, it is already possible to see that at least in all rallies" Around Lithuania 2018 ", which will be even fifteen, a fierce battle, Rolandas Dovidaitis predicts, the President of the Rally, who The rally organizes – Among those who are determined to overcome the uncomfortable route of more than a thousand kilometers in three days – and experienced veterans of this rally, have traveled ten or more times, and ambitious newcomers ready to prove that the anyptypots are rolling are … "

It is no coincidence that many of the rivals point to the crew of the AG Racing Vytis Pauliukonis and Audronis Gulbin, who won the last three rallies "Around Lithuania" and even held his presidential halls in his collection.

"Do not you want to be banned" – so does the laconic teammate respond to the question from the rally press center if they are ready to fight with V. Pauliukonis against the fourth trophy?

According to A. Gulbinas, after two weeks, the rally will not only attract the spectacular, sought-after trophy from the collections of many athletes.

"Every year we change the routes, they are chosen interestingly, one is more attractive for speeds, the other for slower athletes, the racetracks run along the most picturesque routes of all regions, everywhere we accept the long-awaited guests, who just have to give a satisfaction to demonstrate all their skills ", – the name of the rally was named A. Gulbinas, who will be in this race for the fifteenth time with V. Pauliukonis.

"And it is only a third victory," recalls Audronis, whose place many would not hide in pride – "Even the third!"

The complexity of the rally is also illustrated by the fact that the recognized leaders only defended the victory after the eleventh test.

"It's a race that requires a perfectly crafted car, has a great team, does not require strategy and tactics, has a lot of ambition, stubbornness and experience that does not come right away", said the crew for the fourth time for rally battalions that the same success for her made "Subaru Impreza GT", a co-driver.

Another permanent and one of the most experienced participants in these rallies, after having won five times the title of former Soviet Union champion Rimgaudas Statnickas, who will bring the VAZ 21061 with Rimantas Pukenas to more than 1000 km of track .

This red "lily" was well received by viewers. Because the whole glass window of his back door covers the portrait of Prano Hiksa, the winner of the first two rounds "Around Lithuania", which took place in 1931 and 1932.

"We are guided not only by the spirit of the winner of the first rally winner, but also by one of the pioneers of the Lithuanian sports car, P. Hiksas, whom we consider with great respect, by respecting the grandfather of his Uncle, his great-grandfather, who has prepared an excellent book "Life as a Flight" about the book of memorable racers Giedrius Šniukas, with whom we have repeatedly tested the rally "Around Lithuania", "said R. Statnickas.

As before, a lot of family crews participate in the rally. The crew of Donat and Giedrė Suchockiai plays the Toyota MR2, Milwyd and Kęstutis Malinauskis and Ramūnas and Povilas Kručkauskis duets – Subaru Impreza, while Pakimantas ASK representatives Laimonas and Julius Mališevičius have chosen a much smaller but fast and manoeuvrable Mitsubishi Colt ".

Family crews are even more prominent in the list of people with disabilities, which took place in this race since 1996, when the "Around Lithuania" was revived just after the 65th break.

The eyes of the viewers are undoubtedly the best folders for historic cars. The crews who control them compete in a separate account for the entire rally distance. These, many car enthusiasts will have a huge nostalgia for four-wheelers up to fifteen, and all at the opening parade of the race will be examined from the very beginning on 6 September.

The collection of the collections of its collections is presented by the best collectors of not only Lithuanian but also Latvian, Estonian and Polish historical cars. Jan Osterko from Poland will take a step back in 1922 with the production of Fiat 510S, the Latvian Alfred Zamotsky, a younger Oldsmobile and Ullar Suvemaa from Estonia in 1931. Nash, drivers Sigitas Zajarskas – Mercedes Benz 230, Sigita Žičkutė – Buick Sport Roadster , Algis Pašukevičius – known for the production of Ford T in 1926.

So is rally & # 39; Around Lithuania & # 39; in the history of motor history, like never before, rich in rare and valuable exhibitions, which is really worth predicting saliva at least.

The rally "Around Lithuania" is not just about the crew that burns for the victory, well-prepared cars or interesting racing competitions. This is a huge work, in consultation with the responsible and competent staff of all 23 municipalities and district municipalities whose territories start the rally.

"At least every day, as the list of participants grows, I am glad that all rally supporters are ready to visit, with whom they have agreed what work will be done, and something has already been done", said the main event organizer R Dovidaitis.

The main purpose of the organizers' visits to the districts is to transform the rally into the festival for the participants, and even more for the public. In most district centers there are special education programs, which are expected to attract 12 thousand first-year students. Especially in this edition of the book "Be safe on the road" the special couriers left their district before 1 September and the rest of the edition will be distributed during the event with children who visit their parents.

It is expected that the book will be remembered for a long time by young people, because the first encounter with the introduction of safe traffic and behavior on the roads and streets will encourage them to remember the first acquired skills.

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