Two beloved Adomai weapons: tried in the team, used in the club

News – more than memories

The first morning training & # 39; last week was visited by dozens of fans, special banners and traditional tune-ups to support their loved ones.

For the new legionaires of the club such a reception was unexpected.

"The players here for the first time explained everything to the new people and said what kind of responsibility and fun it is to play in the club, which sets the highest goals," said Dainius Adomaitis, the senior coach of the team.

There were no explanations for two newcomers: both Bendis and E. Kairys once grew up in the structure of a representative club of the capital and had ample opportunity to meet with Vilnius's supporters.

Although they were all the same in their youth than the pavement of the old town and the beach sand. E. Bendčius, 28, was born in Klaipėda, a half year younger E. Kairys – in Sventoji.

At the age of adolescence, they came to Vilnius to look for ways to play professional basketball and dragged the outfit for the "Perl" team for several years.

"I went back to where it all started," said E. Kairys, who spoke with Krepš, who described the turning point in life.

But it is not for nothing that it is said that you do not fall into the same river twice.

E. Kairis was not in Vilnius for seven years. E. Bendis was the last time he wore Morning & # 39; outfit four times.

In the meantime, the club has changed so often that former students of his system have little to no knowledge about – unless the same home arena, although last week on the facade, the old name of the team disappeared.

"On the one hand I feel back, on the other hand everything is new, except the hall, all its tunnels, which I no longer have to wander around and since then only Julius Sarapinas (current executive club director – Krepš has been leave the staff, and still the same guard, really many changes ", – E. Bendis appreciated.

It is true that the young person had to remember a face in the first morning session – in 2012-2014 he worked in the team's coaching staff and for a few months he was in charge of D. Adomaitis, who replaced Rima Kurtinait after the previous season.

The 44-year-old specialist is one of the reasons that E. Bendis and E. Kairis brought back to Vilnius.

Invited for the team – invited to the club

D. Adomaitis gave an impulse to the career of both players when he became a strategist of the Lithuanian national team.

It was in his decision that E. Kairys and E. Bendzys made their debut in the national team last year: the first – in friendly matches, the second – in the European championship.

Dainius Adomaitis

Dainius Adomaitis

© DELFI / Domantas Pipas

The two players, D. Adomaitis, constantly use the leadership in the selection cycle of this world.

"When he was assistant at the" Lietuvos rytas ", he worked with me individually, then he was invited to the national team, now at the club, maybe his game is supposed to be influenced by him, maybe I'm grateful for his system ", – discussed Bendius, who had previously trained D. Adomaitis in the Lithuanian student team.

And E. Kairys calls the coach without hesitation one of the most important arguments that led to a return to Lithuania.

"The two biggest advantages of this offer were Coach and European Cup," said the midfielder.

Financial legion of bread is more lively

He spent the last three seasons in Turkey's highest league, leaving four consecutive years in the Pasvalys "Pieno žvaigždės" ranks.

In the year 2015-2017 E. Kairys represented Ušaca "Sportif", dressed in "Demir Insaat" by Biujukčekmedžė last season. In the last team, he scored an average of 7.8 points and 3.9 rebounds.

"After Turkey, I feel psychologically stronger, you want the result of yours If you're poking or something, you'll get a spike right away," he recalled in his first life in a long test abroad.

Evaldas Kairys

Evaldas Kairys

© DELFI / Domantas Pipas

Although the first season with the Ushak club was able to reach the playoffs, Lithuanians had to fight for Lithuanians in Turkey for the rest of the last two years, only because of survival in the competition.

That is why E. Kairys refers to the switch to the European Championship of the Lithuanian Cup that participates in the European Cup "a big step forward". Although it does not hide the fact that the move was only sporting but not financial.

"You can even earn more money in Turkey, even if you play the second table of the tournament in the club, but in my case the difference is very small, it's actually similar," said a basketball player who, after informal knowledge, payment has left a part of the salary after he has already completed his existence.

Home factor

Spain's middleweight champions Santiago de Compostela "Obradoiro" for the three year old E. Bend has been personally successful last season.

The averages in Lithuanian statistics increased to 11 points and 4.1 points for the rebound.

The club wanted to keep one of the oldest in the summer, but could not compete in the market.

"Yes, the Spaniards offered me to stay, but they themselves understood that basketball is a business that players need to reach a higher level, a higher salary." They have not hesitated, let's say hello to you very warmly.

There were three career opportunities in Spain, but in both cases it was necessary to break a bit. And every year I try to sign contracts as soon as I like to be sure about the future. Then "Morning" on the table helped his very specific offer. Maybe I could have paid something more profitable, but it would not have bought me the other benefits I've seen in Vilnius, "said E. Bendis.

Which basketball player was most attracted to his native country?

"The higher level of the team, more matches – we play not only in the national championship, but also in the European Cup, although rivals in Spain and in the local championship are very strong, there were never easy walks.

I also miss Lithuania after four years abroad. I also have a small child and my wife is from Vilnius. Her parents live here, who can help her grandchild. And when it's easier for my wife, it's easier for me to exercise, "explained Bendis.

Only the T-shirt will be replaced in the camp

E. Kairys and E. Bendis grew up with five nominees of the party in the club "Rytas": the newcomers joined Arno Butkevičius, Mindaugas Girdžiūnas and Martynas Echodas.

We add D. Adomaitė and his assistant to both the club and the national team Mindaugas Brazis, and the desant to be sent to the team during the "window" of the World Cup selection competition, half of the "Morning" forces require.

Although the schedules are not being moved immediately, the use of the selective breaks for their own needs will be difficult for the residents of Vilnius.

Eimantas Bendis

Eimantas Bendis

© DELFI / Domantas Pipas

But looking at the positions of the basketball players – whether it is one or the other, the work is still the same.

"It used to be cool for a week to return to Lithuania, see friends, family. Now it is good – you do not have to fly, – Benedict compared the situations of the past and the coming season. – The most important thing is to gather intelligent players who understand what and how to do. "

Interestingly, there is no need for a change in the environment in the "World Cup" qualifying "window" for D. Adomaitius and the candidates for the "Ryto" Club. The Lithuanian national team trains from the same end of August with the same "Morning" scene, as with friendlies with Latvia (9 September) and a selection match with the Netherlands (17 September).

September 14 Lithuanians go to Croatia with one time.

The Lithuanian team is the only leader in the group J (6 wins / 0 defeats).

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