V.Šeskius explained the whole truth about Ballus: "They wanted to spoil the club"

ESPN journalist Jeff Goodman has shared an English debut in the Prienai Club, overtaken by the reality of reality showers in Lithuania.

It says that Ball Money has solved financial problems in the short term, but has cost the results on a basketball court. The club accuses the Americans of keeping the Prienai team out of the team in the LKL competition due to this behavior.

"The first and most important mistake we made allowed them, and especially LaVara, to think they were managing the club – decisions, plans and even a game." His boys were not even close to the LKL- level, especially the NBA, which we also knew after the New York Stock Exchange, the most frustrating is that they did not have an internal engine to try to be better, and when they saw that they were not going anywhere they started ruining the club. They did not pay the prizes to the winners of the Big Baller Brand tournament, "said V. Šeskulis.

V.Šeškus was also angry that balls were taken away by balls and presented as a gift for balls.

However, the coach acknowledged that the ball money saved the club: "This is the most important, this season we will also make bold decisions, but we will look at the whole picture and the future." Our priority will be for professionals who are disciplined and have a good job. character. "

Yes, V.Šeskius has probably responded to the veterans who will be the most important driver of the Prienai next season. The brothers Lavrinovičiai and Mindaugas Lukauskis joined the club.

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