V. Šeškus finally expressed the whole truth about Ball activities in Prienai: they tried to destroy the club

After a few months after the Infernal Ball Family left Prienai Basketball Club and Lithuania, while the crew, after having found a new general sponsor, prepared for the new season, the club decided to make a formal announcement of what Ball and their contribution at the LKL Club.

The winner of the Prienai team Virginijus Šeškus played the most prominent statement.

According to the strategist, that family had no major sports goals in this organization, on the contrary, because of a lack of motivation, their decisions began to harm the club, and this was on the brink of collapse.

"They did not have the internal engine to try to be better, and when they saw it for themselves, they simply started to destroy the club, for example, they did not pay any bonuses to the winners of their tournament title," said Prienai coach V. Šeškus.

Because of this money, the team that won the tournament still understands, so the leaders of the Prienai team are also confused with the situation.

In addition, V. Šeškus also spoke about the true talent of the boys for whom Laurence's grandmother planned the role of the leaders of the Prienai team.

V. Šeškus says in a public letter that the boys are far from the level of the LKL basketball players, but LaVaras, who controlled them, felt different and tried to interfere in basketball in Lithuania in some way.

"His boys were not LKL-level basketball players, the NBA, the newcomer to the NBA," wrote the coach in a letter. He crept into the Brother Ballroom showman, Father LaVara, and said he was interfering with everything, trying to change the club, basketball consciousness, and even play on the square.

LiAngelo Ballas (Photo by Mato Baranauskas)© The club

LaMelo Ballas (Photo by Matt Baranauskas)© The club

It has identified Šekas as an important and fundamental mistake in connection with Brothers Ball's visit to Lithuania.

The letter was shared by an influential American reviewer Jeff Goodman, who described Ball Basketball quite widely in Lithuania.

We remind you that Prienai has set ambitious goals this season for debts.

Only one month before the start of the season, the club presented two big news. The army of V. Šeška will have a new general partner and name – Skycop Prienai, and in the last season the scandalous brothers who played in the Ballus team will be replaced by the world's highest twin brothers, Lavrinovičai.

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