Vilnius, who loves the attacks, will hide his dreams again

The glory of the moment, which the organizer of the 30th anniversary of the attack dreamed quietly all year round, was not met.

"Unfinished things for that and not finished, so they can be arranged," Kramer added smiling at the site

This "Morning Deer" player in Europe has been a major player in his career since 2011, but has never become a national champion ever.

In Germany Kramer played in the clubs of Wurzburg and Oldenburg, but in the old days his dream came close to defending the colors of the team of the Lithuanian capital.

His dreams, however, came to a green-white edge. As Kramer himself now says, such defeats are the worst.

"It's true that I hate losing the final," Craimer thought of scratching his head. – You want to give everything at the end of the season with the raised pot, but only one team does it. Now we want to do it.

We can call it unfinished business or as you wish, but I have never won a title. There was a country cup, but the main title was never. I want to do it here, with the "Morning" team. A place with great supporters and beautiful traditions. "

On the other hand, Kramer does not blog this season.

The goalkeeper was well aware of which pit started climbing face to face with "Rytas" last season, so the American sees the entrance to the LKL finals and the gloves he throws in "Zalgiris" as a positive move.

In Lithuania Kramer both did a statistically good job. Here he scored an average of 8.4 points in the LCL, performed 6.4 after a successful transfer and scored 13.3 points. In addition, the season was crowned and the best-defensive LKL player award.

The 191 cm long defender in Lithuania earned his rivals respect, and again on the international market he was also interesting for other clubs.

These are teams from Italy, France, Russia and Germany. The Rita leaders Linas Kleiza and Darius Gudelis, however, lost their reason – they offered Kramer a proposal that, as the American himself said, was very attractive.

"With the help of my club this is convenient for me, my daughter and my family, I understand the competition, I'm immersed in the city, so staying here was a logical step." Vilnius is generally a handy city, everyone here speaks English, it is not too small for me.

It is clear that traffic and traffic jams are annoying here, because it seems to me that you never know when they arrive in Vilnius. We love this city. We love the beautiful old town, we like to climb the mountain of Gediminas, here we find interesting things. We like it here, "Kramer said.

During the conversation, the player repeatedly referred to the desire to take the trophy. Kramer looked at teammates on the LED billboard, of whom there were no good friends-Travis Peterson, Jimmy Baron and Ben Madden.

"Yes, I will miss them all here," Kramer said.

But there are other capable boys. Like the legionaries Dominique Sutton, Matt Farrell, arriving by D.J. Seeley or capable Lithuanians with whom Kramer has not yet been able to make acquaintance.

Up to now, there are still no athletes in the "Morning" arena that were not even registered in the team last year.

In the club of the capital after the summer changes, the last four friends of the Kramer team – Mindaugas Girdžiūnas, Arnas Butkevičius, Deividas Sirvydis and Martynas Echodas.

Kramer admits – this is not the usual situation for him.

"Undoubtedly it is new to me," opened the interlocutor. – Suppose that when I was in Germany, I lost such a change in general. Now we have four remaining boys in the team and five, and David (Sirvydis) counts.

On the other hand, our team got good details in the summer, both American and Lithuanian. I always say that the new season is a new challenge. So for this challenge we now have a new team. How much has changed? Okay, then you have to get to know the possibilities and fight. I believe the Adomaitis coach will prepare us so that we will be a successful team. "

Kramer had more than one conversation with the new "Morning" strategist. The 44-year-old specialist contacted the Americans shortly after the last season, when the defender had not left Lithuania for the trip home.

At that time, the return of Adomaitis to the "east" was no longer a mystery and all those people in the LKL finals, the team was shaken by the gang for a long time and Kramer himself.

Admittedly, when he spoke to Adamyat at the time, he did not know what was most important – whether he would stay with a black and white outfit.

And what kind of impression does the coach make during the interview?

"Yes, I had a very good conversation with the coach in the summer before I left home." Now, after signing a new contract, I also think he is a good trainer who always wants to explain everything. Another coach is Curtis, there are real differences between them, for example, it is now clear that we will pay more attention to defense this season ", explains Kramer.

Strongly changed composition, changed trainer and even logo on the chest. With all the changes in the series of morning & # 39; attacks, the general starts another hopeful journey.

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