Why did Real Madrid not surprise millions of gamers? (Article)

16 points behind the La Liga of Spain, Zinedine Zidane & # 39; s farewell to Chief Coach and Cristiano Ronaldo & # 39; s departure this summer had to be the main cause of the Real Madrid team change.

Few would have suspected that the Real Real Madrid team, which was famous for world-class acquisitions, would not expect a reinforcement strike this summer when the club left the 450 goals for a nine-year-old man. The club still has some time, but it is already clear that no big deal will happen in the white ranks.

Madrid Real has a very unusual era – since 2013, the club has earned more sales than spending money on new players. After the departure of C. Ronaldo, the average transfer fees for the Madrid team amount to +49.65 million. euro. The "White" not only managed to earn money from the players and not lose quality in its own way, but also to become an unstoppable force in Europe – they have won four times five times since the UEFA Champions League in 2013.

It's hard to believe, but Real Madrid has been selling more than Real Madrid since 2014 than buying new players. This summer is just an additional proof that the royal capital of the Spanish capital has changed its transfer policy – the most expensive purchase this summer was Thibaut Courtois, which cost 35 million euros. euro.

The team was further strengthened by a team of young players – Alvaro Odriozola, André Lunin and Vinicius Junior, Federico Valverde and Raul De Tomas already in the club.

Apart Thibaut Courtois, it is unlikely that anyone is familiar with the other real Madrid names of newcomers. It is still not excluded that the "Morgans" could get a new peak, but Florentine Perez and Julen Lopetegi do not lead to this.

So what happened to the club, which earned the name of the "galaxies" that has been more profitable than players sold since the gamers' transition window of 2014, and has not invested in the biggest football stars?

Projects in the Far East

Real Madrid is no longer the most financially competent club in the world. The "white" financial situation improves year after year and debt is declining in banks, but this club is no longer the only major player in the transfer window. In 2013, when Tottenham won $ 100 million from London. The euro was bought by Gareth Bale, Madrid Real Madrid seemed to do something unimaginable. It was difficult to imagine which club would have the same or more in the near future than the Florentine Perez club.

After a few years, Manchester United has already paid 105 million to the Turin Juventus team for his former student. Euro, and after a few years, Paris Saint-Germain shakes the football world with the acquisition of Neymar.

"Man Utd" is not the reason why the real Madrid is seriously considering inflation, the most important factor is that the billions come from the Far East and their owners. Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, China are the reasons why historic clubs have to think about their future in the transfer window.

Real Madrid or Barcelona will never belong to an organization or a billionaire from Qatar – these are clubs owned by the state and its people. The Madrid team is aware that PSG is currently the most dangerous player on the football market, and therefore good relations between the clubs are promoted.

If the PSG team pays 220 million The euro per player threatens only to be punished by FFP (Financial Fair Play), the proximity of Real Madrid to the barbed wire. The club can not spend 220 million players per player. and expects the trade in T-shirts to redeem the transfer amount and reduce debts at banks.

Real Madrid and other big clubs every time, with more than 150 million players. The EUR bid for a player comes closer to the PSG or other billionaires from Qatar-controlled clubs to pay half of the player per player. If Real and Barcelona can spend 100 million. Euro for a new goalkeeper, PSG and Man City can be 200 million places. The only brake pedal of such clubs is UEFA.

Real Madrid is no longer financially able to compete even more with the clubs controlled by Qatari billionaires in the crazy transfer market.

New sports model from Florentine Perez

In the five years that Madrid earned more than Real Madrid transfers, it is possible to really change Florence Perez. The long-standing president of the White team was the man who had created the "galactic" era again by the two clubs in the leading clubs: Zidane, Luis Figo, Ronaldo and David Beckham arrived in Madrid in 2000 – Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Xabi Alonso and Karim Benzema.

Nothing like that in the current Real Madrid club. Recently, the team invested in future stars or talented Spaniards – the "white" was shocked for the first time by the fact that the 45-million-year-old Vinicius Junior fell in 2017 to 16-year-olds. In the summer of this year, Rodríguez was hired by another 40 million for the 17-year-old Brazil. euro.

"I am confident that we will make this model even more successful, and we have some incredibly talented young players and I think we will have the best players in our line for a few years." In the current market you can not wait for a player has played different seasons at the highest level and 200 costs Million euro.Now you have to discover talented players who have enormous potential while you are still young.

We have a team of people trying to find players like Vinicius, Federico Valverde, Marco Asensio, Jesse Vallejo and Theo Hernandez. We have to connect our club to the future of these players ", said F. Perez, who said in an interview with Marca last summer after the acquisition of Vinicis.

Real Madrid's investment in young players is clearly visible in different seasons. It is believed that this is the reason why the club refused to buy Robert Lewandowski or Edison Cavan this summer. Florentine Perez does not want to invite a player to a team that is older than 27 years or older.

The 18-year-old Vinicius has already joined the first team, but still had no chance to play in the official game. However, such an early arrival from Brazil shows that the club relies on its sports model and will continue as long as the team regularly wins the most important trophies.

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

After Florentine Perez returned to Madrid Real Madrid in 2009, the issue of rebuilding the stadium has become very current and open. F. Perez is doing his best to keep the stage of 2020-21 up-to-date with even larger investments. It is about an object that attracts millions of tourists and has a hotel in the stadium itself.

The problem is that Madrid Real has no connection with the company that would invest in the reconstruction work of the stadium. The project is already finished, but another 400 million is needed. euro. The Madrid team first tried to negotiate with the information technology giant Microsoft, later with the Spanish oil giant Cespa, but all negotiations did not take place after the two parties had not reached agreement on the title rights.

F. Perez not only aims to have a modern stadium, but also to keep his legendary name – Santiago Bernabeu. There are only a few large stadiums in Europe that have not yet been sold to their managed billionaires. The team leader of Real Madrid categorically rejects this possibility, which stops the end of successful negotiations.

The unsuccessful discussions about the reconstruction of the stadium are one of the reasons why Real Madrid does not want to reopen the money transfer box in the player's transition window.

Real Madrid can save so much money that the team is still able to score titles. In the unsuccessful season, which depends on experience and talent, the next summer can be expected in the dashboard of the dashboard player of Real Madrid.

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