Žalgiris and Stumbro coaches admit that it was an impressive final sport

The team of the capital recovered after the final of last year against the Kaunas women. The winners were captured by Tomas Szimkowicz, Mark Tomičius and Marquinhos, who appeared after the exchange.

"I'm glad we won, history only loves to remember the winners, I want to congratulate the whole Zalgiris community and its players for the victory, the finals needed a lot of strength, but I'm glad to score goals. I think the final result was undoubtedly no-one and we deservedly deserved, "said V. Urbonas, the third Lithuanian trophy in the coach career.

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Asked if the plan of the match was to squeeze rivals from the first minute, the strategist said: "It's hard to plan because you do not know how long you play in the final We had at the start of the game I am happy that we have achieved the two goals in the first half, which have reassured our players, after the second goal we had to think about the future and we did not hesitate to attack. "

V.Urbonas was pleased with the great interest of the spectators and acknowledged that a nice goal was scored during the meeting: "If there are so many spectators, the goals are decorated with the game The goals of today were really part of the holiday . "

Eriko Ovcharenko / 15 min Photo / Marian Barreto

Eriko Ovcharenko / 15 min Photo / Marian Barreto

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The Stumbro driver, Mariano Barreto, congratulated Vilnius & Žalgiris & # 39; with a win, but argued that his team could have turned more of the game: "I think it was a very impressive last game, in the first quarter we can only remember the goals of" Žalgiris ", but in the second quarter we tried to change the course of the game: if someone comes to this stadium after a break and does not see the result, they think we are managing the game. "

"I have to congratulate my players, they have done everything to cause problems for Zalgiris, we knew they were favorites, but their first goal was very strange and funny, of course we did not, we missed the second and third goal after Their defense, however, was better than our attack line, but we ended the game with a high lifted head ", – said a specialist from Portugal.

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