4 incredible smart accessories: from projectors to keypads

The smartphone has already replaced many devices, such as a camera, watch or music player. But connecting phones with incredible accessories can make them even more intelligent and transform into a copier, computer or keystroke.

For your attention, expert analyst Arnold LukoŇ°ius advises telephone accessories that are useful for both work and entertainment.

1. Have the keys disappeared? You can call them

Do you miss and do you find the keys again? The solution for all lost things is the Tracker. These devices have an integrated GPS system, so they are connected to the button bundle and connected to the smartphone – the location of the hanger can be checked directly on the phone screen.

In addition, some hangers also give an audible signal. This means that you can call the lost keys or vice versa – by pressing the appropriate device button, the sound starts when the smartphone is inactive. Some hangers can not only spread the sound, but also light, so that the keys are easy to find even in the dark.

2. A pocket cinema screen

People who want to watch movies or play computer games do not need a complicated home cinema system. Enough smart and portable projector. When you are connected to a mobile phone, all you have to do is find a wall to send the directly streamed image from the smartphone.

Portable mini-projectors are different, they differ in their weight, the size of the illuminated area and the operating principle. Some work with a gadget designed for them, others use wireless Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and the third is to connect to a smart cable.

3. Working with the phone is even more convenient

With the necessary gadgets, the smartphone can easily replace the computer: the phone can respond to e-mails, edit documents or even make presentations. However, such work can be carried out even more easily – with the help of a portable keyboard.

Bluetooth wireless keyboards are especially useful when traveling because they have limited space and light. The range of these devices is varied: from folds to multiple plastic parts to silicone rollers.

4. Smart tagging

Although many publications now have electronic versions, some information is still recorded on printed book pages only. If necessary, copies of such texts are no longer necessary, they have to be rewritten or scanned – an electronic marker (Digital Marker) has been made.

It is easy to use the cursor – just connect it to the smartphone and download the gadget for it. After the application is turned on, every part of the printed text on this device is immediately displayed in the electronic document on the phone.

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