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The announcement of the winners of the 55th best selling electronic newspaper group revealed that the Huawei P20 Pro this year reached the highest score in the category Best EISA smartphone 2018-2019, according to media reports.

According to EISA experts, this The award is committed to the quality, design and equipment of the Huawei flagship that was delivered in March of this year.

According to the EISA, the Huawei P20 Pro is recognized as the best in its category because of the cutting edge, the most innovative and technically superior & # 39; smartphone, which until now has only been developed. "Moreover, this device" is the perfect companion for users of smart devices and dictates fashion in the field of mobile photography. "

The Lexica camera with three lenses, which has the largest total number of pixels in the history of smartphones, has greatly contributed to this achievement, and the award-winning model also supports the 3x optical and 5x hybrid zoom functions that guarantee the ultimate photo quality.

The award-winning model is amazed by the flamboyant design and the non-color gradient scheme called Twilight. 19659002] The world's first artificial intelligence-driven chip device ensures fast and smooth operation.The camera installed on the phone ensures high-quality photos in low-light photography. one of the few devices on the market that is suitable for long-term shooting without an extra rack.

In addition, the 4000 mAh battery has the highest capacity. eit of analog class devices. EISA notes that all this makes it possible to describe the model as "a triumphant combination of excellent equipment, optics and craftsmanship."

EISA members are experts in media from 27 countries. Each member participates in at least one or more of the six EISA expert groups in different categories: photography, mobile devices, hi-fi, home theater, home theater and car equipment. Every year EISA members nominate products that they regard as exclusive for the six categories mentioned. Then the nominees are delivered and are valued by the competent committee that chooses one winner.

The official awards ceremony will take place this year at the IFA conference on 31 August. Berlin

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