Tricks to help protect your lost phone and find it quickly

To prevent this, Bite Profes has developed a five-way guide that helps to pick up mushrooms and does not get upset too quickly by a new phone, reports the media.

First tip: you can also manually charge your phone

According to Karolis Špiliauskas, "Bitės Profo", when we lose our smart battery, we are eagerly looking for our charger or borrowing from friends, but for example in the forest there is no advantage.

"How do I charge my phone when the battery is upside down and we do not want to stay in contact without the battery?" Take advantage of an external battery. They are available in different sizes and designs nowadays, so you can find the most selective designs for you.

On the other hand, the external battery does not surprise you anymore, so if you want and always have a charged phone and amaze your environment, there is a much more exotic way to charge your phone. What? Hand phone charger! It is very likely that such a charger can not be found in Lithuania and you have to order it abroad, but you will be immediately surprised by others. The principle of their operation is very simple: connect the phone to a USB port and for easy charging, simply turn the handwheel. Of course, we will not match this type of charger with regular telephone chargers, but the phone will never be discharged and you will stand out with the original charger ", says a specialist.

The second tip: make the stylish phone cover more practical

"The phone add-on, whose demand never decreases, is a variety of cases, some are simple and lightweight, some are thicker, take up more space, but also protect the phone better. Of this add-on, the owners of the phone pay more attention to the style or design of such cases, and this is understandable: with the new, just unpacked phone, you want to hide it in a gigantic security case. on the other hand, it is exactly this type of container that we recommend to buy before collecting mushrooms in the forest, the risk of a sudden fall in the nature of the fall, falling or vibrating of the phone is repeated several times. higher than the usual day in the city, so it's wise to think of two phone cases, "says K. Špiliauskas.

Third tip: a trick to help you quickly find your lost phone

For those who miss the phone, it is a very familiar feeling when it comes to the fear that the full trousers around the trees are circling and thinks he has fallen somewhere nearby: "If the phone constantly disappears to remove mushrooms from a pocket find or pick up, it can be the worst year memory.It is good if you previously had a quiet environment and friends can call you and you will find the phone based on the ringtone.

But if you are alone? It is advisable to get drunk before you go to the forest. It is an accessory that looks like a keychain, but it gives a strong acoustic signal to help you find the lost object.

Admittedly, the device can work and vice versa – when you press it, the phone starts to sound, so you can not only discover the phone but also the hidden mushroom among the bushes, which hides behind the lost device ", says the expert .

The fourth tip: how do you never leave your car behind?

"When we look for other mushroom pickers, places that have not yet been pared, we choose the most remote forests or the recommended forests of someone else, but it is easy to get angry in the forests where we have not been in the past. and forgetting where or where you left the car, and in such cases the use of mushroom mushrooms has few advantages: what to do Trust your smartphone Nowadays, with some gadgets you can mark the location of your car on a map and bring it to you later, there are gadgets such as Waze (iOS, Android) that automatically indicate where the car is left behind and note that you're no longer running and going, "says K. Špiliauskas.

Fifth tip: double protection against water risk

According to K. Špiliauskas one of the biggest dangers in nature is water bodies or unexpectedly heavy autumn rains, so it is worthwhile to insure them twice: "Some phones are water-resistant nowadays, reserve is no shame and even the most water-resistant telephones are worth adding to special water resistant phone cases, they are undoubtedly known to fans of kayaks from Lithuania, because these cases can be hooked up and not give up, but if you go deep into the forest to pick up mushrooms and a smart device, this protection is the first necessary add-on for your phone. "

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