Doctors reveal why allergy facilities are so bad in Chicago

If you suffer from seasonal allergies this week, you are not alone.

Many residents of Chicago live with this problem, and although it may feel that late summer is a strange time for a flare, doctors do not agree and see an influx of patients seeking relief.

"I think I've seen 17 patients today and still have a full afternoon clinic," said Dr. Anju Peters, an allergist and immunologist at Northwestern. "It has been crazy because people really suffer from their symptoms."

Pollen, ragweed and fungus are all emerging in recent weeks and the constantly fluctuating temperatures do not help anyone find relief.

People have complained about breathlessness, a runny nose, and swollen eyes, and dr. Peters has the scoop why things have been so difficult lately.

"Ragweed is very high," she said. "It usually starts to get high in the Midwest in the beginning of July and August, and it peaks around Labor Day."

She suggests avoiding outdoor life as the temperature rises, but she also has other tips, including changing clothes and taking showers after they have spent outdoors to ensure that allergens are not yet in your clothes or hair.

Unfortunately for people with allergies, this weekend promises to be extremely heavy, because high temperatures and humidity are evident to intensify symptoms for patients.

For those who want to be outdoors and enjoy the summer weather for as long as it takes, doctors advise to go outside later in the afternoon, because the number of pollen is even higher in the morning.

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