& # 39; Weak opposition is why do not break promises, start national car & # 39;

BALAKONG POLLS | Wanita MCA Vice President Ong Chong Swen says that weak opposition is the reason why the Pakatan Harapan government is able to violate its promises and start another "despised" national car plan.

In a statement the senator said since his appointment after the general elections of May 9, the Harapan government failed to approve many of his election promises, such as the recognition of Unified Examination Certificate (UEC).

"On the contrary, it uses the excuse of a presumed dizzying public debt to break its election promises, including a five-year study on the UEC.

"Ironically, it is preparing for the roll-out of a third national car by 2020. Why prioritize a third national car when the country is deeply in debt?" she asked today in a statement to support MCA's Balakong candidate election Tan Chee Teong.

"Ever wondered why a government can break its promises and instead start with a … national car plan that is hated by the people?

"Because there is no strong opposition to play the effective role of checks and balances in the government."

Putrajaya & # 39; s Announcement that it would continue with the third national car, brought forward by Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, was acclaimed by critics, who believed that the project was deviated from Harapan's election promises and would be an unwise use of national funds.

Minister of Finance Lim Guan Eng told Dewan Rakyat earlier this month that the project, which would be launched by 2020, would not use public funds, and that it would be privately funded.

This led MCA leader Wee Ka Siong to urge the government Guarantee that the new car manufacturer would not be "saved" like Proton was in the past.

Great inequality

With reference to the legislative assembly of Selangor, Ong said that the inequality between the representation of the opposition and that of the government state was too great.

Selangor is currently managed by Harapan, which dominates the state meeting with 51 seats – PKR with 28, DAP with 13 and five each for Bersatu and Amanah.

BN, meanwhile, has only four seats in the assembly and PAS one. Two seats, including Balakong, are currently vacated due to the death of their incumbent operators.

"When the ruling party is too strong and the opposition is too weak, it is unfavorable for mutual oversight in the legislative assembly of Selangor," she said.

Ong added that a victory for DAP's candidate Wong Siew Ki in the Balakong polls is just a 'cherry on the cake'. would be for Harapan, and would have no effect on the government of the state.

A victory for MCA & # 39; s Tan, on the other hand, would mean an extra representative in the meeting and "the starting point for a democratic two-party system."

The seat of Balakong was released at the death of Harwich collector Eddie Ng Tien Chee in a road accident in July.

The interim election will take place on 8 September, on the same day as the polls of the state of Seri Setia.

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