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KOTA KINABALU: Former Sabah chief minister Tan Sri Musa Aman, who is facing investigations by several enforcement agencies, says that those who question him should perform their duties independently and without any pressure.

He said he had confidence in the Malaysian judiciary, police and immigration department because they were well respected in the way they performed their duties.

"They must not be subject to pressure from any person or government, local or foreign.

"The inviolability of their good office must always be protected," Musa said in a statement released by his media spokesperson Awang Faisyal late on Friday (August 24).

"They must always be allowed to perform their duties independently and in good faith, may God be merciful to us and lead us on the true path," he added.

Musa, who returned to Malaysia three months after leaving for the United Kingdom, was arrested by the police on Wednesday (23 August). Magistrate Norshahirah Abd Salim, however, refused to ask the police for a pre-trial detention during a hearing in the private hospital suite in Kuala Lumpur, where Musa was deposed.

During the hearing on pre-trial detention Musa said through his lawyers that he had legally left the country to seek medical treatment and to arrange personal affairs.

His lawyers also denied that he was the fugitive of which he had been convicted by some quarters.

The next day the police proceeded to include his statement on a crime intimidation report filed by Sabah Yang DiPertua Negeri Tun Jahar Mahiruddin after the premiere of the May 10th secretary's ceremony in Istana Negeri here.

This was done on Thursday and Friday.

In the meantime Musa must return to Sabah to take his oath as Sungai Sibuga assembler on September 11, otherwise the chair will be evacuated.

On Friday, Speaker Datuk Seri Said asked Abas Said Ali to swear Musa on Friday afternoon after the former prime minister informed him of his intentions. However, Musa did not show up in Kuala Lumpur to assist the police in their investigation.

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