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PETALING JAYA: PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali has returned to Rafizi Ramli, who he says is still a & # 39; nursery & # 39; was when the Reformasi movement started in 1998.

Azmin said that he had stood at Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and remained faithful to his struggle from the day the latter was fired from the government.

"This is the one who has taken all the ill-treatment and drenched in the water fired by the authority's water cannon.

"This is the person who has passed all the tests and hardships to defend Anwar," he said when he spoke at the opening of the Selangor PKR annual division meeting here on Sunday (September 2).

Azmin said that when he was arrested because he went to the street to defend Anwar, there was no one beside him.

"I looked left and right and nobody was with me.

"I spent eight days in the cell, but some of those who initially were with me spent their time in Australia, Jakarta and London.

"And now there is a child who was still a toddler and then honored the movement," he said.

Azmin, who is also Minister of Economic Affairs, said that he had built the party since the Reformasi days, while the "child" only came much later.

"They do not have history with the fight, they only read history," he said.

He also reprimanded those who proposed that he vacate his parliamentary seat in Gombak and offer it to Anwar as evidence of his loyalty to the elected PKR.

"Does that mean that those who do not offer their seats are not loyal," he asked.

Rafizi, PKR vice president, challenges Azmin for the deputy president in the party elections.

He is very candid about why he is fighting, claiming that it should ensure that Anwar would become the next prime minister.

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