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Prime Minister Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal (seated on the left) and Ewon Benedick, Minister of Rural Development, listened to some of the problems facing the population in the district of Semporna during the event A Day With The Chief Minister at the Semporna Community Hall on Thursday.

SEMPORNA: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal cast the opposition's allegations that the state government was issuing MyKad to illegal immigrants in the state.

The president of Parti Warisan Sabah said that the MyKad identity cards were issued only to eligible persons and not to illegal immigrants.

The opposition has always made allegations against the state government, consisting of Warisan, Pakatan Harapan and UPKO, he told journalists after following the Chief Minister with the People & # 39; program here.

Shafie said that the state government has tried to help people without the MyKad, for example the children of a foreign woman who is married to a resident and then left behind by the husband.

"We are going through the law in addressing this problem and in this case we have the National Registration Department (JPN)," he said.
Shafie was asked to comment on allegations that Warisan had issued MyKad to illegal immigrants and that these accusations cropped up whenever there was a fire in the state.
He said that the state government only sought the help of JPN to help Malaysians who had lost their MyKad, for example in a fire.
"In today's program there were local couples without a marriage certificate and this made it hard for their children to get MyKad and we asked JPN to help in accordance with the law," he said.
On another issue, Shafie said that Sabah's water department would be renewed and restructured into a more efficient and effective entity.
"We will do some refurbishment, including the vision of the department, and we will correct it so that the water department will not only supply water to the people, but the revenues will also be beneficial for the people and the state," he said.

photo – Shafie

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