Cops solve triple murder in George Town with arrests of foreigners – Nation

GEORGE TOWN: The police consider three homicide cases involving foreign nationals resolved after the arrests of several suspects, including a Myanmar national who was found on the spot with blood on his hands and shirt.

The 28-year-old Myanmar man was found in a state of drunkenness and arrested in a shop in Argyll Road, here on Saturday (August 25).

He is suspected of killing a 72-year-old Malaysian man, identified as Sarbudeen Shikander and another 44-year-old man whose identity has yet to be established in their rented room on the first floor of the store.

George Town Deputy OCPD Supt V. Saravanan said that both men were stabbed with a sharp weapon and covered by blood by a passerby on the spot.

"The police who arrived at 6.20 pm stumbled across a Myanmar man who looked like drugs, with his hands and clothes covered in blood.

"The suspect, along with his 52-year-old roommate who also comes from Myanmar, is arrested and put back for 14 days," said Supt Saravanan.

In another case, the police arrested a restaurant helper for allegedly stabbing her husband, a 36-year-old Thai assistant cook in a guesthouse cum cafe in Gat Lebuh Chulia on Saturday (August 25) night.

Supt Saravanan said that the victim's wife, a 38-year-old Thai citizen who also worked in the café, was detained at the crime scene and the murder weapon – a kitchen knife – was also recovered.

"The deceased identified as Suriya Kanchaiyaphum was stabbed by his wife in the kitchen on the first floor at 22:00 after a fight about money matters.

"The victim died on the spot and the body was sent to the Penang hospital for post-mortem.

"The police also convened 14 other residents of the guesthouse to have their statements recorded, and seven of them, all Thais, between 30 and 50 years old were arrested for Immigration offenses," Supt Saravanan said.

The woman has been detained and the case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder, he added.

The other seven who were detained were held in pre-trial detention for 14 days to allow further investigation.

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