Darell Leiking wants a & # 39; Sabah IC & # 39; for & # 39; real Sabahans & # 39; – nation

KOTA KINABALU: MP Penellang Darell Leiking (Pic) hopes that a "Sabah IC" will become a reality under the new Pakistani Harapan government.

He said he has insisted on issuing the Sabah IC and will continue to fight for help with the Sabah Chief Minister and the Prime Minister.

Leiking said that having a Sabah IC or Sabah Card does not mean that the person will no longer have MyKad.

"We are part of the federation (of Malaysia), so of course we will still have the MyKad.

"But for real Sabahans they can apply for a Sabah card to identify themselves as Sabahans," he said.

He said that having two cards would not be superfluous, because those with the Sabah card will have unique benefits or rights for Sabahans.

Leiking said that only those with MyKads can apply for a Sabah card, so the concerns that these cards will be given to illegal immigrants will not occur.

"My proposal is that Sabahans can use this Sabah card as a" touch-and-go "at airports to other parts of Malaysia instead of having to go through (immigration) counters like the rest," he.

He also suggested that medical and other benefits are included for holders of a Sabah Card.

He said that Sabahans would better take care of their well-being with the cards.

"But of course, this is only my opinion and what I hope to achieve as long as I am in government," Leiking said.

He also explained that removing existing MyKads and replacing the Sabah card seems impractical due to possible legal implications.

He said that for those who have received their citizenship and MyKads in a dubious way, it is best to leave this matter to the federal government to correct.

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