Ex-Melaka CM Idris Haron expected to let him know that he stops with Umno-Nation

MELAKA: Former Prime Minister Melaka Datuk Seri Idris Haron is expected to announce his resignation from Umno by Wednesday evening (September 19).

In a message to The Star, Idris stated "Breaking News !!!!, Ex-CM from Melaka is expected to leave the party".

Idris, the former chairman of the Umno liason committee, had indicated that Umno will not survive long if it continues to manipulate racial rhetoric to gain support among rural people.

He also expects a third political coalition to replace Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan in the next three to four years.

In August Idris had said that his theory of the emergence of a third force followed dissatisfaction among the people with the current state of government after cases of abuse of power had come to light.

"I believe that the aversion of the current government to the grassroots is not only limited to Melaka, but can also be a widespread sentiment that circumvents other states.

"But people have no choice, since Barisan or PAS are not popular among grassroots," he said.

He noted that after May 9, Barisan would have to lose their intolerance in order to get support, while Pakatan, for example in Melaka, should not deny that some of her officials began to abuse their powers, barely 100 days in office.

"The political feedback I received prompted me to conclude that a third power would arise before the 15th general election.

"I also predict that the current state government or even federal government will not opt ​​for a full five-year term on the basis of a lack of uniformity among the participating parties, as well as inexperience in managerial aspects," he said, adding that with the exception of Pulaang and Selangor as both had been opposition states for a long time.

Idris said it would also be difficult for Barisan, who was pervaded by a number of controversies, to make a comeback at the next elections.

"That's why I foresee that those right-thinking politicians in Barisan and Pakatan can unite to form a new coalition together with non-governmental organizations consisting of experienced journalists and professionals," he said.

Idris said that the new generation of voters has a strong desire for a real Malaysian political party by not being far right or far left of the political spectrum.

Idris also said that he was chosen as the Opposition Leader in the recently closed state meeting held by the 12 Barisan legislators.

"Initially I was not the choice because I lost my posts in the Umno division elections last month, but the other Barisan leaders wanted me to represent them," he added.

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