Frisch search for missing radioactive device in Malaysia in the midst of fear that it would fall into the wrong hands

Frisch search for missing radioactive device in Malaysia amid fear that it would fall into the wrong hands The Malaysian authorities have revealed that an industrial device containing an unknown amount of radioactive material has disappeared for 10 days after being removed from the rear of a truck at the edge of the road was gone. Kuala Lumpur.

Authorities of the police and the AEGA (Aenosic Energy Licensing Board) fear that the device, which has been missing since August 10, contains an unknown amount of radioactive isotope Iridium-192, can cause exposure to radiation or can be used as a weapon by militants, the local authorities. New Straits Times said daily, stating unnamed sources.

The connection is safe as long as it is in the lead-shielding housing; it gives off beta and gamma radiation as it dies during the estimated half-life of 73 days

The 23kg Radioactive Dispersal Device (RDD) was owned by a private company that offers test, calibration and inspection services to the oil and gas industry, power plants, production, automotive and transport sectors.

Before the device was missing, it was loaded on the back of a Nissan Navara by two technicians who were in the company before it made an hour's return from a job in Seremban to their office in Shah Alam, on the outskirts of the city . capital.

Upon their return they discovered that the device had disappeared and after they had followed their steps, both the AELB and the Malaysian highway police came to seek assistance.

While the men, both in their thirties, were temporarily detained by the police while conducting an investigation, they were released Friday after forensic tests and investigations into possible terrorist ties had not returned satisfactorily.

However, the missing radioactive material, whether it is lost or stolen, remains a cause for concern when it falls into the hands of militants or terrorist groups trying to build a rough nuclear device or a so-called "dirty bomb", the atomic agency of the United Nations has warned.

Such a device combines core material with conventional explosives to infect an area with radiation, as opposed to a nuclear weapon that uses nuclear fission to cause a much more powerful explosion, reports Reuters.

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