Hong Kong magician Hunny Ho was injured in theft attempt in KL – Nation

PETALING JAYA: A nice trip to Kuala Lumpur became sour for the Hong Kong magician Hunny Ho, 27, who revealed on a Facebook Live video that she had been injured during a theft attempt on Wednesday (Aug. 22).

She spoke in Cantonese and told the story in a 25-minute video and showed the injuries on her nose, chin, left palm, elbow and thighs.

Ho said she was with another friend and they were walking in a quiet street in the city.

She said her handbag was on her arm and checked Google Maps on her phone.

"Suddenly a man on a motorbike grabbed my bag and hurried away," said Ho.

She said she had been dragged into the street for a few seconds before the robber gave up and left.

"It happened in a second, it was really fast.

"I was lucky to release my bag," she added.

When a fan asked if she had drawn up a police report, Ho wondered whether the authorities could catch the robber, even if a report was drawn up.

She said after the snatch theft attempt, offered a few passersby to help, but they declined because they were afraid they were part of a syndicate.

Ho said she and her friend went to a supermarket to buy things to clean and connect her wounds.

"Fortunately there were no cars on the road, or could I have broken an arm or a leg!" she added.

Ho, who became well-known on YouTube with her video, returned to Hong Kong on Friday (August 24).

"The journey continues! No one can prevent me from continuing," wrote Ho on Instagram after the incident.

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