Keropok lekor with cheese filling proves a hit – Nation

KUALA NERUS (Bernama): Producers of "keropok lekor" (fish sausage) in Terengganu become more creative in promoting their products, including the addition of cheese as a filling, to give it a better taste.

One of them, Mohd Pozi Hassan, 34, said that his cheesy fish sausage became a hit, especially among children, because adults preferred the traditional version.

"We have two types of fish sausage with cheese, one is with cheese as a filling, and the other is covered with cheese sauce that is specially prepared by us.

"The cheesy fish sausage is tasty, it gives a good flavor combination, the salty and creamy taste of the cheese with the sweet taste of the fish used in the preparation of the sausage.

"For a tastier taste, dip the sausage into our special cheese sauce," he said when Bernama met him at his store in Tok Jembal.

Mohd Pozi said that he had learned to make the fish sausage from the producers in Gong Badak and then improvise his product from time to time.

He said his fish sausage was on the market in Pahang, Penang and Selangor.

"The fish sausage is specially packaged in airtight containers for longer shelf life and can last five months if stored in a freezer," he added.

He said the company provided him with a lucrative income. – Bernama

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