Khalid Samad must sue for accusations of homosexual parties

According to the federal territories, the chairman of the Islamic NGO has provided no evidence to substantiate her claim.

Federal Territories Minister Khalid Samad says that the claim in a video clip on Facebook is a very serious indictment against him.

KUALA LUMPUR: Khalid Abdul Samad will accuse Gerakan Muslimah Islam Malaysia (GMIM) chairman Wan Asshima Kamaruddin for her allegation that he and another minister have recently allowed a gay party to take place in the capital

The federal minister said it was a serious and unfounded claim and instructed his lawyer to take action as soon as possible.

& # 39; I do not know where the woman got the information from.

"When making the accusation, she did not provide any evidence that I lit a gay party green.

"It is a serious indictment against me", he told the journalists during the media briefing for the Kuala Lumpur International Arts Festival 2018 (KLIAF 2018) here.

Wan Asshima had accused Khalid, along with minister in the ministerial department Mujahid Yusof Rawa, of having a large-scale gay carnival here.

The allegation was made in a video clip uploaded on her Facebook page. It has since been removed.

A police report was later filed at the Dang Wangi police station by the special function officer of the Minister Zulhazmi Shariff and the special functions officer at the minister in the Prime Minister's department, Hisham Fauzi.


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