Large-scale crackdown on 4D gambling

GEORGE TOWN: The police have started to crush illegal four-digit game outlets that enjoy syndicated links with gaming kingpins operating from Thailand and Cambodia with simultaneous raids at 15 locations here.

Led by the deputy director of the Federal Anti-Vice, Gambling and Secret Society Comm Datuk Rohaimi Md Isa, and supported by Bukit Aman D7 officers and those from the Penang contingent, the 50-strong robbery fought hard on the 15 gambling locations here.

They fell into the capture of many of the patrons and workers without surveillance.

The police held 26 people, including 24 employees from the game outlets and two customers, who were busy buying numbers from the gambling operators who had connections with their counterparts in Thailand and Cambodia.

Rohaimi said in the past that such stores operated in a mobile way, but now they are static and use hi-tech online technology to participate in the draws in Thailand and Cambodia – both are illegal in Malaysia.

He said at a press conference that the rounds started around 3:00 PM on Sunday and that RM28,000 were also taken out of the operators' checkouts.

Some stores operated discretely by using stores that sell smartphone accessories to bags and watches as fronts.

Rohaimi said that Penang was the first state and that ultimately the D7 unit of Bukit Aman will inspect all locations in the country.

In Malaysia, four-digit number operators usually offer only three days in a weekend with exceptions to special draw arrangements.

But the illegal operators offer daily draws with links to the syndicates in Cambodia and Thailand – while for the latter the gamblers can place bets twice a day; one at 9 a.m. and another at 3 p.m., Rohaimi revealed.

The daily collections can go up to RM10,000 for such operations.

"It's a lucrative business, but it's illegal and it encourages gambling around the clock, we need to tackle such illegal activities."

That is why Rohaimi warned operators in other states to stop their activities or to experience the consequences when the D7 division of Bukit Aman will soon introduce more raids.

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