MCA reprimands the lackadaisical attitude of Selangor Pakatan – Nation

BALAKONG: MCA appealed to Selangor Pakatan Harapan for his lax attitude, claiming that many of his members had not asked questions for the upcoming meeting of the State Legislative Assembly.

Oriental Daily reported on Friday (August 31) that the state leaders had asked 420 questions to the state meeting, a sharp decrease compared to the previous number of more than 700 submitted questions.

It reported that all five representatives of the opposition had asked questions, but many of the 50 fitters from Pakatan failed to do so.

The report quoted Selangor speaker Ng Suee Lin, who said that many Pakistani assembly members missed the deadline to submit their questions because they were new and were not familiar with the process.

"This excuse is unacceptable," said Balakong candidate Tan Chee Teong of MCA at a press conference on Sunday (2 September).

"All state monitors receive notification of the meeting with the relevant documents, including the application procedures and the deadline.

The fundamental task of a collector is to ask questions in the Dewan Undangan Negeri, to debate and discuss accounts, & # 39; Tan said.

He wondered whether the ruling government has become too strong and lax with their responsibilities as the wakil rakyat (people's representative).

"It seems that they have not given the suara rakyat (the popular vote) to the government and have missed the importance of the state's legislative assembly," Tan said.

He said that this shows that the opposition must be strengthened to hold the ruling government accountable.

The unbalanced current ratio of 50 Pakistani assembly members to five opposition members is dangerous because the ruling party would not fear the opposition, he added.

"A healthy two-party system ensures control and balance between the government and the opposition in the state meeting," said Tan.

The 14th assembly of state Selangor is scheduled to meet on September 3rd.

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