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PETALING JAYA: MCA Youth has demanded transport minister Anthony Loke (photo) to apologize for allegedly making a "foolish" and "wrong" decision by all summonses of the automated enforcement system (AES) ) to cancel [19659004] In a statement Sunday, MCA Youth Secretary General Datuk Leong Kim Soon said traffic offenders should be punished for committing violations.

He claimed that the decision to reject all AES calls were aimed at meeting the public and encouraging motorists to break the law.

"Unfortunately, the Pakatan Harapan government and law enforcement agencies are not faced with real problems at hand, or with the help of an effective method to lower the accident rates.

" With this in mind, the Minister of Transport would have to apologize for a foolish and wrong decision, "he said in a statement issued on Sunday, August 19.

Leong claimed that the government's decision to cancel all AES calls by August 31 meant that motorists survived to two weeks "anarchy honeymoon"

"Does this mean that with the beginning of the school holidays leading to Hari Merdeka, drivers who drive too fast or beat a red light, are left out?" he asked.

Leong claimed that the announcement by Loke could lead to higher accident rates in Malaysia, claiming that certain car drivers are reckless and prone to are for accidents.

"Speed ​​limits or fines are a necessary deterrent, for what purpose does Loke's decision have to suspend all fines?

" Traffic offenders must be punished and held accountable for their actions. It is clear that the cancellation of all calls from AES is to satisfy the public and encourage road users to break the law. "

Leong labeled Loke & # 39; s relocation as irresponsible, since his portfolio as Minister of Transport includes road safety.

" It is clear that this decision is a populist move and not thought out in detail. It only serves to win the hearts of the public.

"The Minister of Transport under Barisan Nasional had identified and installed AES at locations susceptible to accidents involving motor vehicles to reduce the number of road accidents."

"But now the Pakistani government Harapan made a turnaround in the previous Barisan effort, and this announcement only encourages drivers to break the law," he added.

On Friday (August 18), Loke said the government will write off more than 3.1 million in unpaid summons worth about RM435mil.

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