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The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MHA) has responded to three activists who filed a complaint with the Prime Minister for what they accused of being "very irresponsible & # 39; comments from a government minister and a member of parliament.

In her answer, MHA said that the three had "crossed a red line by inviting foreign leaders to intervene in Singapore's politics".

"The three individuals claim to be patriots, and it is not patriotic to invite a foreign leader to intervene in Singapore's politics, especially the leader of a country that has expressed its wish to reduce the price of water. more than 10 times to Singapore, and with whom we try to maintain close and friendly relations. "

The MHA letter was signed by Mr. Sunny Lee, press officer of the Interior and Minister of Justice K. Shanmugam.

Mr. Lee added that the minister kept his remarks.

Previously, historian Thum Ping Tjin, journalist Kirsten Han and activist Jolovan Wham filed a letter yesterday with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, urging him to investigate the behavior of MP Seah Kian Peng and Mr. Shanmugam, who, according to them, had made public allegations public made "without adequate substantiation or evidence".

In a separate letter to MP Charles Chong, who chairs the limited committee for deliberate online casualties, it is said that it is ironic that Mr. Seah and Mr. Shanmugam, both members of the limited committee, "make public allegations without sufficient substantiation or evidence. ".

The two People & # 39; s Party Party (PAP) politicians had criticized the behavior of the trio, who were part of a group that met with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad last Thursday.

After the meeting, Dr. Thum Tun called Dr Mahathir to "take leadership in Southeast Asia for the promotion of democracy, human rights, freedom of expression and freedom of information."

Referring to that function, Shanmugam said: "It is pretty clear what that means". He added that it is an absolute no-no to invite a foreign politician to intervene in Singapore's domestic politics.

In their letter to Prime Minister Lee, the trio called him as Secretary General of PAP to investigate the issue and "take leadership in promoting responsible behavior among members of your party".

PM Lee then referred the letter from the activists to Mr. Shanmugam, said the MHA, adding, "The purpose of their letter is to divert attention from the behavior of the writers."

The ministry continued to tell the facts in this saga and noted that the trio met Dr. Mahathir, along with political exile Tan Wah Piow and graphic novelist Sonny Liew, last Thursday.

The MHA said: "(Dr. Thum) invited Dr. Mahathir to discuss a conference on promoting democracy in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, of course. Dr. Thum also posted a photograph of him who was book presented, to politics in Singapore, to Dr. Mahathir.

"Mr. Tan, former Singaporean and refugee of the law, gave an interview after the meeting, and also expressed the hope that Dr. Mahathir and Malaysia could influence politics in Singapore.

"Mr. Wham has asked" what is wrong "in Dr. Thum and asks Dr. Mahathir to bring democracy to Singapore, and that" international political pressure is part of activism & # 39; 39 ;.

"Dr. Thum also believes that Singapore should be part of Malaya."

The MHA response also quoted a message from August 9, 2016 in which Dr. Thum stated that it was his "fervent wish" that Singapore "will ever return to our rightful place next to our brothers and sisters in Malaya".

"This statement was made on the national holiday of Singapore and he also made several other posts, with the same effect, about Singapore that is part of Malaya."

The MHA statement concluded: "We can debate lively discussions in Singapore about our own affairs, but you cross a red line when you invite foreign powers or foreign leaders into Singaporean politics."

Dr. Thum and the others in the group have come under attack after Mr. Seah wrote in a Facebook post last Saturday that the historian has invited the Malaysian prime minister to bring democracy to Singapore, and that "it seems clear to me that PJ Thum does not want Singapore well ".

Mr. Seah also criticized Dr. Thum for suggesting that the Singaporean men should look forward to the national day of Malaysia, which he called the Unofficial Independence Day & # 39; of Singapore.

Dr. Thum said to refer to the establishment of Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew on August 31, 1963, the independence of Singapore from British rule, as part of a move to Malaysia.

The activists, for their part, said in their letter to Premier Lee that there was "no reference to bringing democracy to Singapore, nor a request to interfere in the affairs of Singapore."

She added: "It is a huge piece to suggest that wishing Singaporeans a happy unofficial independence day" means expressing a view that Singapore is a part of Malaysia today. "

They also said that Mr Seah's remarks resulted in accusations of betrayal being raised. There have been calls for their arrest, detention and even death, she added.

In response, an MHA spokesperson said yesterday that anyone who receives death threats should make a police report and the case will be looked at.

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