Minister of Finance: Prepaid mobile users get the full value of purchased reloads – Nation

KOTA KINABALU: The Treasury Department has assured users of prepaid mobile phone accounts that they will receive the full value paid when they purchase reloads.

Minister Lim Guan Eng sold claims that circulated on social media that reloads are not exempt from Sales and Service Tax (SST).

Lim also criticized those who politicized the issue, including the opposition.

"If there are opposition parties using this issue as political material, tell them that prepaid card buyers who purchase RM10 vouchers receive RM10 mobile calling credit.

"There will be no deductions, it is easier for telco's to not charge (SST) in the first place instead of giving discounts," he said, while he also acknowledged that most prepaid users came from were from rural areas.

In his speech during an SST briefing at Hilton Hotel here on Sunday (September 2), Lim repeated that there was "no problem" and that he will meet telco's to solve the issue next week.

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