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Md Nawawi Abdul Rahman

KUCHING: Enforcement officials from the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) will conduct operations to identify traders and service providers who manipulate the Sales and Services Tax (SST).

Sarawak deputy director Md Nawawi Abdul Rahman said this was to ensure that all merchants and service providers did not benefit from the SST implementation that came into force on September 1st.

According to him, a total of 203 enforcement officials and 98 other officers to control prices will be deployed in the operation to be carried out throughout the state.

He said the operation also includes 3,000 KPDNHEP partners & # 39; will include manually registered with the ministry in Sarawak.

"As a precautionary measure, we will enter into strategic alliances with all available sources to identify traders and service providers who use SST as a ground for gaining profits from their customers," he said when he contacted yesterday.

Md Nawawi stressed that anyone who has committed the crime can be fined under the Pricing Control and Anti-Laws Act 2011.

He said to companies that the fine for the first offense is no more than RM500,000 and no more than RM1 million for subsequent violations.

"For persons, the fine for the first offense does not exceed RM 100,000 or a prison sentence of no more than one year or both, while the following violations fined the fine to not more than RM250,000 or imprisonment of no more than five years or both, "he added.

In that respect, Md Nawawi said yesterday from 12 midnight that the state KPDNHEP had received four complaints from the public about SST.

"The complaints related to the service costs and we have referred these complaints to customs for further action." He said, however, that the ministry has received no complaints about the price increase of the public.

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