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A money mule for an international syndicate, which is behind scam by imitating the identity of the police, traveled 14 times to Singapore last year to collect and transfer criminal proceeds totaling almost $ 760,000.

Malaysian Tan Kim Hui, 24, yesterday pleaded guilty of five counts of conspiracy by conspiracy to help his accomplices retain the benefits of criminal behavior by more than $ 670,000.

Nine other comparable costs related to the remaining amount will be considered during the conviction. Tan committed his crimes between April and July last year.

He was introduced to the syndicate early last year and took instructions from a fellow Malaysian who was known only as Ole.

As part of the list, a fraudster would contact a victim and claim to be a policeman, claiming that the person was being investigated for various crimes.

Deputy public prosecutor Foo Shi Hao said: "The scam will deceive the victim and hand over the victim's bank account … money is deducted from the victim's bank account and delivered to & # 39; money mules & # 39 ;, who collect the money and deliver it to the scammers.

"Sometimes these victims are deceived by the scammers to transfer money to the scammer in the belief that they are assisting police investigations." Such victims are known as "victim-mules & # 39 ;."

DPP Foo added that Tan had the order to travel to Singapore to collect and transfer the proceeds of the syndicate's cheating activities. Tan said the syndicate paid him for every trip here between RM200 (S $ 66) and RM1,500.

The court heard that a victim had been duped and bid farewell to nearly $ 50,000 in cash, which was handed over to an assault before Tan arrived in Singapore on May 9 last year to collect it. Tan passed the money on to Ole in Malaysia.

Tan committed similar violations of nearly $ 300,000 in July last year. On July 12 last year he arrived here with a so-called accomplice known as Lay Guo Zheng to collect almost $ 265,000. A week later they met a third man, Gerald Yap, in Johor Baru and the trio came here.

DPP Foo said Lay had collected $ 50,000 from an unknown in Chinatown, while the other two men had acted as a lookout. The trio then went to Yishun where Lay collected an ATM card from a victim and retired $ 8,800. They returned to Malaysia and handed over the money to Ole.

Tan, who is now in pre-trial detention, will appear in court again on November 12th. Yap has been dealt with while the case is pending in relation to Lay.

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