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Rafizi Ramli

KOTA KINABALU: PKR Vice President Rafizi Ramli believes that recognition of Sabah and Sarawak as co-founders of Malaysia is more important than appointing deputy prime ministers of the two states as promised by the party.

Rafizi, who fought for the deputy president of the PKR, stressed that the central leadership of the party should ensure that it takes a more drastic approach to help Sabah to persuade Putrajaya to respect Sabah's position as one of the three components. and not one of the 14 states in Malaysia.

In a speech to Sabah PKR members during a fundraising event here on Saturday night, Rafizi pointed out, however, that the people in the Malaysia peninsula must accept the historical fact that Sabah and Sarawak are founders of Malaysia.

The recognition, he emphasized, must come from all sides – it can not be seen as a demand from Sabahans or Sarawakians. It must be seen that this is a recognition (granted) with open arms out of sincerity and also honesty.

"That we have to assign the right position for Sabah and Sarawak as parts of Malaysia's federation, not just a state, and that process must be done quickly." I have no doubts under the guidance of PKR to claim that story because I have nothing wrong with it. see along.

"Of course there will be some consternation in the beginning because people in the last 40 years, especially in the peninsula, feel that Sabah and Sarawak are part of 14 states.

"It is not easy to change that perception from one day to the next, but we have to start a different story and that should come from the senior leadership of the Malaysia peninsula," he said.

Rafizi said it was best to have this story accepted with open arms by everyone instead of later.

"And that is a very clear message from PKR Sabah and that is the message I am prepared to take back to the leadership in the peninsula of Malaysia and it is a responsibility that we all have to bear, not just because we want Sabah votes, but it is actually an essential part of our pursuit of a "new Malaysia" that we have been fighting for all this time, "he said.

He also pointed out that there are many ways to express the right story, especially for the younger generation, and that in the long term there is a need for the right context for understanding the history of the country. This issue is not only unique to the understanding of Malaysia's formation, but it also transcends all other issues in terms of racial relations and independence, among others, Rafizi said.

But as with everything else in this country, it all starts with the right political leadership and it must be seen that the leaders of the country are serious and committed to putting Sabah and Sarawak in the right context as one of the founders of the Malaysian Federation.

"This is something that does not have to wait – it is something that can be done now The story has to change now and that is something that I think I also feel very strongly because it is a low hanging fruit and something is that we can easily do without much need to change.

"Accepting Sabah and Sarawak as two of the founding members of the Malaysian Federation is something that can be done politically and that can happen very quickly, we just need more political leadership from the Malaysia Peninsula to keep saying it and insist to stay focused, "he said.

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