Musa's swearing was postponed to a later date

Deputy Sabah spokesperson Ahmad Abdul Rahman says the former prime minister has informed the speaker's office that he can not reach the current legislative assembly of the state in time.

Musa Aman returned Tuesday to Malaysia from overseas after medical treatment. (Bernama photo)

KOTA KINABALU: Former Prime Minister Musa Aman did not come to the Sabah Speaker office to take his oath as the Sungai Sibuga technician as planned.

President Ahmad Abdul Rahman said today that the ceremony would take place today at 2.30 p.m. in the speaker's office.

"But due to unforeseen circumstances, it should be postponed, we were not aware of why he could not come today as planned," he said.

Ahmad said that the speaker's office was informed by Musa's party two days ago via a letter that the former Sabah Umno liaison officer would come to the office today to be sworn in.

He said, however, that Musa's party is again contacting the speaker today, informing the office that he can not get it on time.

"However, they will e-mail us again to inform us about the new proposed date, so far we have not heard anything.

"Just give him the chance, there is no rush, he still has time until September 11th.

"As speakers, we need to be impartial, because Musa has the right to be sworn in as a mechanic," he said.

Musa returned to the country on Tuesday after spending a little over three months abroad seeking medical help

Yesterday it was reported that the police had arrested the former Sabah Umno liaison officer to facilitate investigations into allegations of criminal harassment against Sabah Head of State Juhar Mahiruddin.

However, the judge of the magistrate rejected the police application for a pre-trial detention.

It is clear that Musa currently stays in a private hospital in the Klang Valley for medical reasons.

Reportedly he would be on his way back and would arrive in Kota Kinabalu today at 4:00 pm, but so far there is no news about his arrival.

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