Not the first time that RDD has disappeared

KUALA LUMPUR: Intensive studies are conducted into the missing radioactive dispersant (RDD) with the radioactive isotope Iridium 192, which was reported missing on 10 August.

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun said that this was not the first time the device was missing, as the first case was reported last year.

"This incident is not the first and it is understood that it happened last year, but nobody came up with information about his discovery", he told journalists after the Mega 1.0 community effort to fight the aedes mosquito at the Royal Malaysia Police. (PDRM) level here today.

Mohamad Fuzi commented on a report in a local newspaper of the missing 23 kg RDD that cost about RM75,000, belonging to a company in Shah Alam.

The device was reported missing when it was brought to the factory in Shah Alam by two technicians between 2:00 and 3:00 on August 10 from Seremban.

The device that emits beta and gamma radiation can be misused, including by terrorists to make bombs.

Mohamad Fuzi also confirmed two employees of the company who were returned a day after the incident was released on Friday after a statement was made from both men who are locals.

In a separate development, Mohamad Fuzi said that PDRM was working with Thailand authorities to investigate a report and identify the suspects after the discovery of a bomb in Narathiwat, southern Thailand reportedly being made here.

"We are working with the Thai authorities to identify the suspects involved," he said.

Yesterday, Kelantan police chief Datuk Hasanuddin Hassan said that the report on the discovery of the bomb and the name of eight suspects will be transferred to Bukit Aman.

This follows the Thai police of Thailand 41 homemade bombs and explosives discovered in a pick-up truck that was stopped in a roadblock in Kampung Saring, in the Takbai in June. – Bernama

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