Of course, Azmin supports Anwar for PM, says assistant

Assistant to PKR deputy president says that Mohamad Azmin Ali has always supported Anwar Ibrahim for both party president and prime minister according to Pakatan Harapan's consensus.

PKR Vice President Mohamed Azmin Ali.

GEORGE TOWN: An assistant from Mohamed Azmin Ali today rejected questions about the support of the PKR vice president for Anwar Ibrahim as the next prime minister.

Muhammad Hilman Idham, the political secretary of Azmin, said that it would be superfluous for the Minister of Economic Affairs to publicly support Anwar, because he repeatedly supported the Pakatan Harapan (PH) conference that the PKR leader ultimately premiered would become.

"I think it is not necessary for Azmin to explain whether he supports Anwar or not," he said.

"We are a party working in the spirit of consensus between PH parties, so it is not necessary to repeat what he essentially agreed to earlier.

"As a deputy president, Azmin would of course support Anwar as (PKR) president and prime minister, let's all campaign on the basis of problems and not that small," Hilman told FMT.

He responded to the remark of a PKR vice presidential candidate that Azmin had never expressed support for Anwar to take over Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

S Kesavan, who is Sungai Siput MP, also said that he was not sure if Azmin really wanted Anwar to become the next prime minister.

"I have no confidence in the vice president because he has never expressed his full support to Anwar as Prime Minister to this day," he said yesterday during a party in Sabah.

He responded to a question during a debate meeting on what the current issue was with the PKR Vice President Post prior to the party election.

PH had decided that Anwar would be the eighth prime minister, with the "period and timing" of the transition that would be discussed by the coalition presidential council, said PKR vice president Rafizi Ramli yesterday.

The PKR polls, which start on September 14, will take place in the course of nine weeks. The official results will be announced at the national PKR congress on November 16th.

Approximately 800,000 PKR members can participate in the party polls, involving 218 national divisions this year.

A total of 3,000 staff members will be involved and 600 e-voting devices will be mobilized to ensure a smooth course of polling.

Polling is set for September 14 in Kelantan and Terengganu; September 15 in Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Pahang; September 17 in Kuala Lumpur; September 22 in Penang and Kedah; September 23 in Selangor; September 29 in Johor; September 30 in Perak and Perlis; October 6 in Sarawak and October 13 in Sabah.

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