Panel for federal Islamic institutions invites feedback from the public

The panel welcomes all forms of evaluation with regard to the management of Islamic institutions, zakat, Islamic education, food and halal affairs and other matters of interest.

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KUALA LUMPUR: The high-level panel of the federal institutions of Islam has invited Malaysians, including non-Muslims, to submit written memoranda reflecting their opinions, views and proposals for the consideration of the panel with regard to the federal governance of Islamic institutions in the country are expressed. .

According to a statement from the depositary of the seal of the ruler, the invitation is in accordance with the panel's mission to make a complete overview of the administration of Islamic institutions at the federal level, as well as the effectiveness of these institutions to be investigated .

"The high-level panel welcomes all forms of evaluation with regard to the governance of Islamic institutions, zakat and baitulmal, Islamic education and the Wah activities, Islamic banking and finance, food and halal affairs, enforcement of the Sharia laws and other things of interest.

"The panel also expects the submitted memoranda to include proposals and suggestions for the structural improvement of such institutions," it said.

The office of the depositary of the seal of rulers is the secretariat of the high-level panel.

The statement said that the panel would consider proposals related to Islamic institutions at the federal level in providing its job description.

It also said that parties submitting memoranda are encouraged to give their opinion on Islamic NGOs.

The statement said in carrying out the mandate entrusted by the Malaysian rulers, each memorandum would be treated strictly confidentially.

"Members of the public can submit their memoranda with the high-level secretariat, the office of the keeper of the seal of the ruler, 482, Jalan Bukit Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, or via e-mail, as of 1 October. [email protected], "it said.

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