PH candidate Wong submits police report against MCA opponent about defamatory allegations

Kajang: Pakistani Harapan's (PH) election candidate Wong Siew Ki filed a police report in response to accusations from MCA candidate Tan Chee Teong that PH was responsible for destroying MCA's posters and bunting.

Wong arrived at the Kajang police station at approximately 2 pm on Sunday with three supporters to submit the report.

She said that Tan had posted the allegations on his Facebook page, which initially read: "I (Tan) will hold a press conference about the material damage of MCA by DAP."

Wong said the Facebook post was edited later, but she managed to get a screenshot as evidence.

"Chee Teong held a press conference yesterday on Facebook on Facebook, around 1.46pm, the video title in Chinese and shortly thereafter was removed, and his statement had defamatory elements.

"This is very serious and I will also report on this to the Electoral Commission (EC)", she told a press conference after making the report.

In response, Tan said he was not concerned about submitting a report by Wong, adding that he would do the same.

"As a democratic state everyone has the right to submit a police report on every issue, I just want to campaign in a democratic way," Tan said.

In a press conference at the Balakong headquarters of MCA earlier today, Tan got out to the government of Selangor for traffic accidents that faced residents of the area.

"Most roads in Balakong are filled with potholes and it is dangerous for road users, especially motorcyclists," he said.

Tan also said that the poor drainage system was the cause of flooding in the area.

"All parties should take this issue seriously for the well-being of Balakong residents," he said. He believes that the main cause of road damage was trucks with building materials that caused potholes.

"From the right, the roads have to be repaired shortly after the development projects have been completed," he said.

The interim election of Balakong was named after the death of the incumbent DAP assembler Eddie Ng Tien Chie in a traffic accident on 20 July.

In the 14th general election, Ng retained his seat by defeating Barisan Nasional candidate Lim Chin Wah and Mohamad Ibrahim Ghazali (PAS), with a majority of 35,538 votes.

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